A$AP Rocky Style Editorial By Kenneth Cappello

Asap Rocky bought the high fashion to the rap game in heavy swing, never forget


ASAP Rocky just like many of us is preparing for Fall/Winter now that today is the last day of summer. Rocky is a very familiar name in the fashion world among rappers and public figures. He’s definitely one of the most creative dudes in the industry from the looks of his music and style game. Dude came in the game early wearing Jeremy Scott Adidas and made them hot in the streets. The Harlem bred did an editorial with Kenneth Cappello as he styles in brands such as Y-3, Phillip Lim, Rick Owens and more. Rocky who is known to keep his grill blinging daily shows that off in the editorial shots as well. Take a look at some of the editorial shots in the gallery below as Rocky flaunts some all-black clothing to the masses.

asap-rocky-fashion-editorial-kenneth-cappello-04 (1)

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A New Nike Air Max Plus Tuned 1 Gets Special Treatment

The Nike Air Max Plus Tuned 1 has been seen more often lately! 


Nike Air Max Plus 1 which is the new vintage runner shoe that has been displayed in an assortment of different colorways as of recently. The newest display of the Nike Air Max Plus 1 is covered in black and white with the word ‘Nike” in black all-over. The bottom of the shoe is decked in all-white giving the shoe a spectacular glow. No info has been released at the moment on if these shoes will even hit shelves but of course we will keep you posted here at The Source. Check out more images of the Nike Air Max Plus 1 below.


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AJR is pushing for time. Follow her on Twitter @1Penny4r !!

Joins Us This Saturday At The #Source360 Block Party Fashion Show

The second annual #SOURCE360 will host a block party and fashion show on Saturday September 19th. Hosted by The Source, the fashion show is one of the many highlights of the block party which also includes a performance by the Brooklyn Ballet, a kids talent show, art festival, performances by Chase & Cashe, Stro, Doug E. Fresh and more.


The following young and talented designers will share their collections.

ICC Streetwear: Owned by artists such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ and Chance. The Rapper, Ineffable Clothing Company is a rapidly growing streetwear brand, based out of New Jersey. Started by 16 year old designer, Zack Fryer, while he was in middle school, ICC is developing into a world renowned label.

Customs by Osh: “Osh” is an independent 21 year old fashion designer who focuses on the design and creation of custom-made fashion apparels. He creates unique styles and exclusive one of a kind customs.

Mic Blaque: Inspired by the mind of Mic Blaque designed by Berggie VicNTory. Blaque By Berggie merges Hip Hop culture and high quality performance wear. It’s a lifestyle.


Cult Classic: A lifestyle brand established in Philadelphia dedicated to Modern Americana creative culture with a mission to showcase underground creativity through bold fashion collections, events and journalism. Their newest fashion collection “Black Like Water” is a wearable expression of the triumphs and hardships of living in a society where injustice and inequality still run rampant.”

SUVAS Clothing: SUVAS, a contraction of “SUperVillAinS,” is a New Jersey based brand that seeks to capture rawness of the urban trendsetter in our modern age. Philosophically, we represent that element of wolf that is in every underdog; the primal beast within. From a design standpoint our clothes are centered on villainous themes ranging from the decadent to the depraved. The “Outlaw lifestyle- raw, no Lifestyles.” The clothes will tell you half the story, the rest of the story you fill it in as long as the Villains win!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSam Garvey: A Ready to Wear brand that specializes in bringing you separates with a couture twist. Every piece is custom made to your measurements for a perfect fit. The collection is Handmade with passion and love in NYC.
Get your tickets: TheSOURCE360tix.com

Yvelette Stines

Photos: Suvas, Blaque By Berggie, Mark Kim

Here’s A Photo of Rihanna’s New PUMA Campaign, Featuring Travi$ Scott

Much has been said about Rihanna and Travi$ Scott‘s apparent relationship, which appeared to be plutonic initially, but has since been upgraded by social media to be somewhat of a “fling,” thanks to this video of them getting cozy at Rihanna’s PUMA party in New York City during #NYFW on Thursday.

Despite what may be a feeble Rihanna attempt at downplaying the rumors, the two friends–we’ll go with that for now–appeared in one of Rihanna’s latest PUMA ads, which couldn’t be released at a more intriguing time.

More importantly, you can pre-order Rih Rih’s new collection beginning today, so head on over to PUMA and see if you come across something you like.

Quiksilver Releases Its New Fall Line

Fall is on the horizon. While Quiksilver is better known for its surfing apparel and beach wear, their Fall collection has something for people on both coasts. Divided into two lines, “Dark Rituals” and “Surf Trippin”, the collection features tees, hoodies, lightweight jackets, pants, hats and wovens.

“Surf Trippin” includes a lot of what you’d expect from Quiksilver, including iconic 80s surf motifs, and flashy neon colors. Dark Rituals on the other hand goes for a more rugged, urban look with a more darker color pallette.

Preview Quiksilver’s Fall collection above, and available for purchase here.



Please join us and attend the Second Annual SOURCE360 Festival & Experience in Brooklyn, September17-20th. SOURCE360 celebrates the innovation and creativity inspired by the positive use of Hip-Hop and represents NYC’s and Brooklyn’s diverse cultural tapestry! Last year’s SOURCE360 featured over twenty events and took place over a four-day period. It was a big success for the borough and attracted over 30,000 attendees. We hope to make this year’s event even better! For more information, be sure to check out our official press release and details here.


Kanye West adidas Originals Yeezy Season 1 ‘SENSE’ Editorial

Check out this editorial with SENSE magazine for Yeezy Season 1. 


Fashion magazine SENSE based out of japan, SENSE publishes an editorial for Kanye West’s adidas Originals YEEZY season 1 products. Styled from Kanye’s creativity the editorial gives out prices for the collection also. There hasn’t been any info given on when these pieces will drop or when they will release but we will keep you updated on news emerging for the season. The prices are in Japanese yen and more than likely won’t be the finalized prices from adidas worldwide. According to the editorial these prices will give you a glance at what to expect:

Slide 1
Camo T-Shirt: ¥25,000 JPY (Approximately $210 USD)
SFT Sweat Pant: ¥60,000 JPY (Approximately $500 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 2
Vest 1: ¥123,000 JPY (Approximately $1,025 USD)
Hooded Jacket: ¥204,500 JPY (Approximately $1,700 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $430 USD)
SFT Long John Pant: ¥57,500 JPY (Approximately $480 USD)

Slide 3
Coat: No Pricing Information
Undestroyed Sweater ¥163,500 JPY (Approximately $1,360 USD)
Tab Bottom Pant: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 4
Destroyed Sweater ¥272,500 JPY (Approximately $2,260 USD)
FJ 3/4 Short ¥41,000 JPY (Approximately $340 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 5
Long Fur Coat: ¥368,000 JPY (Approximately $3,060 USD)
Jersey Tank: ¥19,500 JPY (Approximately $160 USD)
Tab Bottom Pant: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 6
Coach Jacket: ¥259,000 JPY (Approximately $2,150 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $430 USD)
SFT Long John Pant: ¥57,500 JPY (Approximately $480 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 7
Thin Camo Jacket: ¥170,500 JPY (Approximately $1,420 USD)
Jersey Tank: ¥19,500 JPY (Approximately $160 USD)
Boucle Pant: ¥123,000 JPY (Approximately $1,025 USD)

Slide 8
Camo Trenchcoat: ¥300,000 JPY (Approximately $2,500 USD)
Thermal Long Sleeve: ¥42,500 JPY (Approximately $350 USD)
FJ Sweatpant: ¥49,500 JPY (Approximately $410 USD)

Slide 9
Vest 1: ¥23,000 JPY (Approximately $190 USD)
Basic hoodie: ¥57,500 JPY (Approximately $477 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $431 USD)
SFT Long John Pant: ¥57,500 JPY (Approximately $477 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 10
Long Shearling: ¥477,000 JPY (Approximately $3,958 USD)
Undestroyed Sweater: ¥163,500 JPY (Approximately $1,356 USD)
Tab Bottom Pant: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)
Yeezy Boost 750: ¥42,180 JPY (Approximately $350 USD)

Slide 11
Thin Camo Jacket: ¥170,500 JPY (Approximately $1,415 USD)
Jersey Tank: ¥19,500 JPY (Approximately $162 USD)
Boucle Pants: ¥123,000 JPY (Approximately $1,020 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 12
Thermal Tee: ¥35,500 JPY (Approximately $295 USD)
Jersey Tank: ¥19,500 JPY (Approximately $162 USD)
Supply Shorts: ¥44,000 JPY (Approximately $365 USD)

Slide 13
Short Sleeve Crew: ¥48,000 JPY (Approximately $398 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $431 USD)
Worker Pant: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $431 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 14
Quilted Camo Jacket: ¥231,500 JPY (Approximately $1,921 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $431 USD)
SFT Sweat Pant: ¥60,000 JPY (Approximately $498 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 15
Camo Trenchcoat: ¥300,000 JPY (Approximately $2,490 USD)
Thermal Long Sleeve: ¥42,000 JPY (Approximately $348 USD)
FJ Sweatpant: ¥49,500 JPY (Approximately $410 USD)
Yeezy Boost 350: ¥30,125 JPY (Approximately $250 USD)

Slide 16
Nylon Bomber: ¥218,000 JPY (Approximately $1,809 USD)
Thermal Tank: ¥37,000 JPY (Approximately $307 USD)
FJ Sweat Pants: ¥49,500 JPY (Approximately $410 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)





Just Don Blank Strapback Collection

Chicago’s Don C reveals a new strapback collection 


Don C has given us a new range of headwear with the “Blank” collection just in time for fall. Just Don who’s mostly known for the python design and bringing to us high-end hatwear presents the “Blank” collection which is featured with the iconic python brim and full closure with gold detailing for the buckle and branding with a black cap crown contrasting within star stitching in an assortment of colors with yellow, red and teal. You can now purchase from the “Blank” collection at select retailers at a set price of $450. Check out images of the collection below.
























Nike and James Harden Will Reportedly Go Their Separate Ways

James Harden will not re-up with Nike

According to sources, Nike will not top the $200 million deal that Harden was offered from Adidas. TMZ reports that Nike was concerned with the prospect of giving that much money to one player, and what it would mean to other up-and-coming superstars looking to get a similar deal. ESPN’s sports business reporter Darren Rovell questions why Adidas would offer Harden such a large contract.

Harden has yet to officially sign his deal with Adidas, but the writing is on the wall–or Khloe Kardashian’s back. She was spotted sporting Adidas gear at Harden’s Drew League game this weekend. Over the past few weeks, the two have been involved in fervent relationship rumors.

Khole Kardashian

Since it appears that Nike and Harden won’t be signing on the dotted lines, Harden’s deal with Adidas is likely all but sealed.

It’s Midsummer and JR Smith Still Doesn’t Have a Home

The crop of blue-chip NBA free agents are all off the board, but the league’s most interesting player is still on the market. JR Smith is still available for teams to pick up, yet the NBA veteran and his 500,000+ twitter followers haven’t found a home.

Smith is the biggest name left on the free agent market. Smith opt-ed out of a contract that would have paid him $6.4 million for this upcoming season. The mindset for Smith was to be able to sign somewhere for more then what he would have received this season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While players like Enes Kanter and Brandon Knight are taking baths in money, Smith—the erratic long-range threat who helped the Cleveland Cavaliers get to the Finals but also helped them lose it—is still waiting.

Frank Isola of  the New York Daily News, believes that Smith could just return to Cleveland for a reduced price.

It seems as if Cleveland is the only team willing to give Smith a contract at this point. Cleveland is way over the cap, but Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report explains that it really wouldn’t hurt the Cavs to bring back Smith.

“That production, if sustainable, isn’t something the Cavs can replace on the market. They’re capped out beyond belief, which means the only way to get a player of Smith’s caliber is to keep the one they already have. Cleveland can exceed the cap to retain Smith because it has his Bird rights.

The tax hit will be immense. But at this point, what’s another few million dollars?”

It would be hard to not have the NBA’s new Ron Artest playing in China….Again.

-King Jut (@KingJut92)

Stance Socks Launches “Anthem Collection” Featuring Big Sean


Stance has entrenched themselves as the premier company when it comes to high-quality, yet stylish socks. Already highly-favored amongst luminaries in the world of sports, Stance has officially announced that they will set their sights on street fashion with their “Anthem” collection.

According to Stance “Anthem highlights designs that appeal to the sleek and sophisticated artists and curators, the skeptics and tastemakers that set trends in the streets of the world’s style capitals.” In fact, to celebrate the launch, they’ve inducted notable tastemaker, Big Sean, into their Punk and Poet family, which has also featured the likes of Rihanna and Allen Iverson in the past. “Stance socks are the best socks I’ve ever worn, so I was excited to have the chance to collaborate with them and be a part of the “Punk and Poet” family. Stance makes wearing socks an experience rather than a routine,” the Dark Sky Paradise rapper explained.

The new line will feature black and white designs as well as neon spray paint patterns, releasing as seasonal collections as well as several unique styles.  Their Legends collection, for example is slated to drop in October, and will feature the late Notorious B.I.G. and Muhammad Ali.

Stance’s Anthem collection is available now, via their website  as well as Packer ShoesUbiq, and Conveyer.