The Things We Learned in Sports July 5th-July 11th

When a prime time player has major surgery and a free agent is held hostage in his home you know it was a cray week. So many stories seem to be fueled this week as we all patiently for training camp to start. This week had some of the craziest stories that will be reported all year long. Here are the things we learned in sports this week.

7. FSU has a serious problem.

Jimbo Fisher

Just 2 seasons ago, the Florida State Seminoles were being presented with the national championship trophy. Since then they have had to suspend or dismiss multiple players for “questionable” actions. During the week FSU kicked out quarterback De’Andre Johnson and suspend running back Dalvin Cook for violence against women. This is all coming after the tornado that Jamies Winston provided during his time as the starting quarterback. This has to raise questions about head coach Jimbo Fisher ability to either keep his players in line, or recruiting players that have embarrassed his organization. Florida State administration must look an see what kind of organization they want to represent.

6. Is Deron Williams in the House.

After falling off a cliff in production, the Nets have finally bought out the rest of Deron Williams contract according to reporter David Aldridge.  The move has an serious impact on the cap for the Brooklyn Nets. 

Now that the buyout looks to be official, ESPN reporter Marc Stein reports that Williams will likely sign a contract to become a Dallas Maverick.

Now after not being able to stay in front of point guards like Jeff Teague and Kyle Lowry, he gets to face Stephen Curry and Chris Paul. Good luck in Dallas Deron.

5. The Girls are back in town

The United State’s Women’s National Team came back to a celebration in the streets of New York. The USWNT was able to drive down Broadway in style as thousands of fans came out to celebrate the culmination of a World Cup run that ended in a championship. The women haven’t won a title since 1999, and fans were out in bunches to support the champions of the world.

4. If you got the talent you will play

Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy suspension was reduced from 10 games down to  4 games. Hardy was originally suspended for a domestic violence conviction that he received a season ago. The NFL recently revamped its domestic violence policy, introducing far more stringent punishments for creeps who attack women. Hardy was suspended for 10 games after the new policy was in place. But he was being suspended for an incident that occurred before it was in place. Before his suspension, Hardy was one of the most feared pass rushers in the league, and that is really the only reason he is still in the NFL. He is an extremely talent player at a highly important position. If he played like Ray Rice did at the end of his season, he would still be sitting on his couch.

3. Donovan McNabb needs a babysitter.

Former All-Pro quarterback Donovan McNabb is having a hard time adjusting to life without football. McNabb was arrested for the second time for DUI less then two years apart.

A spokesperson for Fox Sports, for whom McNabb is currently an analyst, did not return an email seeking comment. He is “stepping away from his NBC sports radio show—at least temporarily—to deal with ‘personal issues,'” according to TMZ.

It’s getting embarrassing at this point for McNabb. At some point someone has to come out and help this man before it becomes to late.

2. DeAndre was a Clipper, than a Mav, now a Clipper.

So the craziest 24 hours happened on Wednesday. There was an original report that De’Andre Jordan was “reconsidering” going back to the Clippers by ESPN’s Marc Stein.  Then it transitioned to Clippers star Blake Griffin basically locking the door from anyone getting in.

Then Old man Kobe Byrant had to take the fun out of the conversation with some random emoji’s. In the end. Jordan did the right thing in staying with the Clippers. He was able to get more money, play for a better team, and potentially win a championship in Los Angeles. Whats wrong with that?

1. Don’t play with fireworks

New York Giants’ defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul had a really bad week. He went from potentially signing a deal with the Giants for 60 Million dollars, to not even being able to count to 10. ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter was able to obtain the medical reports of the surgery that was done to remove one of Pierre-Paul’s fingers.

As of today the Giants’ have yet to sign JPP to any type of contract at all. The Giants’ place the franchise tag on the talented defensive end, and have till July 15th to be able to come to a long term agreement. Hopefully both sides make the best decision for themselves.

King Jut (@KingJut92) Attends “The True King Experience” Art Show At VolaVida Gallery

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King Amsterdam True King Experience 2.0

On Thursday July 2, Maurice and Lulu, owners of Vola Vida Gallery, hosted an art exhibition show in Manhattan, New York  (East Village). It is in a low key area, made up of glass exterior doors, so one can’t help but to see all of the cool art that’s inside.

The gallery is just about a month old; June 4th was the first opening, and the True King Experience is only its sophomore show. Vola Vida Gallery lies between an East Village Deli, followed by an apartment and a pizza shop called, “Johnny Favorites.” There were about 29 canvases displayed on the white walls, which was brilliant because the vibrant colors on the canvases automatically stood out even from afar.

One of the best part about this gallery is that, the art pieces change every two weeks, the unpredictability of the art pieces after two weeks, is what makes this gallery so unique.

“This is the only gallery in N.Y.C. dedicated to only street art,” says Lulu. “East Village and N.Y.C. has tons of artists. We are so lucky here,” she continued.

The atmosphere of Vola Vida was very cool and calm; Rapper Fabolous “Lituation” played in the background, and some old school Hip Hop songs, which I was told were coming from Maurice’s playlist.

The mastermind of the majority of these art pieces were created by stencil artist, King Amsterdam, who is pretty much aware of how talented he is but still chooses to remain humble.  He indicated within the last three months, he was able to finish all of those canvases that were showcased on the walls. Impressive.  Also, his friends were given the opportunity to have their own canvas posted on the walls as well.  Amsterdam said, depending on one’s talent he decides if he would give him or her a blank canvas, a black and white canvas, or a canvas with a creative background.  Even his friend’s 6-year-old son has a canvas posted on the wall, but his piece is not for sale.

Artist Nicholai Khan, also has a canvas on the wall, a mickey mouse drawing for $600. Khan has painted for many celebrities like comedian/actor Tracy Morgan and New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne.  But in most cases, these canvases would include a picture of a guy whose back is turned wearing a hoody with “K I N G”  imprinted on it and a pair of baggy jeans, pointing to something in front of him.

When it comes to art, Amsterdam feels that people should get it right away.  “I don’t like to explain sh*t to people,” he said.  However, he does want his artwork to cause a reaction from his viewers.

“Art pieces are supposed to make you feel something,” he said.

When asked which of his own art piece was his favorite, he pointed to a black and white 10×8  “Sega Genesis” canvas which was spray painted with acrylic, and is worth $250.  His other favorite, (which was also mine) was a piece titled, “Crash Test Dummy”  24×30 and it was done using spray paint, and it is worth $400. There’s also an art piece of American singer and actor, Frank Sinatra, 12 x16 worth $300 by Amsterdam and he did it with just spray paint as well.

How Amsterdam got his ideas when it comes to creating these beautiful art pieces, he says, “I only paint stuff that I have a connection to.”  Although, he paints everything, he claims he does not like painting people anymore.

“Every stencil artists paints people. I want to separate myself.”

According to Maurice, these canvases can range from as low as $200 and go as high to $1500.

“There’s a lot of talents in the city,” says Lulu. “People are paying attention.”

And they are, if American art dealer and curator, Jeffrey Deitch made his way up to Vola Vida last week Sunday.

Quite frankly, if you are someone who loves and appreciate street art or even graffiti, Vola Vida Gallery is the perfect place for you (240 East 4th Street). This is a place where street art is giving great recognition as opposed to the ugly and nasty stereotypes that they are often being tied too.

“Art is not cherished anymore.” says Amsterdam. “People have no culture. We live in a cultureless world.”


With Sherley Boursiquot

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International Spotlight: UK’s Bonkaz Discusses “We Run The Block” Single

Bonkaz is a grime artist residing in South London who is perhaps drawing out new boundaries for the next generation of grime artists. with his latest debut single “We Run The Block”, Bonkaz is ready for the public ear. The song is controversial as much as it is inspiring. Since it’s release the street anthem has been going viral. It’s grimey but like Bonkaz says “it is still organic”. He was able to spare few minutes and discuss everything from his single to what influences his music.

The Source: What’s the story behind Bonkaz (pronounced Bonkers)?

Bonkaz: The story behind someone who is inspired and is from London. Someone who wants to put it in music form and be relatable to people. Bonkaz was just a nick name that I always had since I was young so it just stuck. It doesn’t mean that I’m Bonkaz or anything. Its just a nickname that people know already so I might as well just run with it.

How long have you been making music for?

I started making music ever since I was thirteen. That’s when I was in the studio recording music.

Your from South London right? How does it effect your music?

I think there is a lot to think about here. There is a lot going on here. There is a lot of music and lot of artists that just doesnt get heard. There is this aura about South London at the moment where everybody wants to be successful and everybody wants to get their message across. It’s really dope.

Tell us a bit about your latest track “We Run The Block”.

That is my debut single and it was made out of frustration. I’m saying some controversial lines on the song. I feel like everyone has their own oppresses. We’re trying to be creative and someone is trying to take away your creative freedom. Those are your cops. Everybody has that somebody that wants to take away your freedom. Basically this song is all about over coming those people and taking control of your own life.

Do you have any projects coming out?

Yeah, I’ve got an EP that is coming out, that I’m working on right now. I dont want to set a date for it because I don’t want to start rushing myself. Trying to meet deadlines and stuff like that. Im just waiting for the right balance of music and a story that I want to tell through my project and I want all of my projects to sound that way so when I listen back it’s almost like a diary for me.

In your opinion is Grime evolving since it’s outbreak worldwide?

Yeah definitely it’s evolving. I mean I sing as well as rap so it’s evolving in a sense that people are starting to put their own swing on it. Before grime was something that was like kept in the dark corner and had so many rules and regulations. Where as now, everyone is kind of putting their own touch on it which I think is important in order for grime to grow. No one has to sound exactly the same.

Does grime have a future in the popular music?

Yeah definitely, I think once everyone stays true to themselves and make the music they want to I think it will. Instead of just sticking to one particular style then no one is going to be groundbreaking. When it first started people didn’t understand what it was but once your consistent with it and stay true to yourself there is no way that it won’t be recognized worldwide.

Tell us about the Glastonbury Festival that you just announced.

It is like the largest festival in the UK. It’s really good because this is my first year that I have been releasing music in the public eye so it’s good to be on there this early. I got a good stage and a good time. It’s just really exciting I always wanted to go to Glastonbury festival even as a fan so It’s an honour to be part of it now. The first time I’m getting to go, I’m actually performing.

What’s on your ipod right now?

Tory lanez, Renz, he’s a friend of mine. I listen to a lot of indie stuff as well, Little Simz.

Whats the music scene like these days in UK?

The music scene in UK is pretty much every artist is just trying to stay original. We’re going through this time where everyone just wants to be original and make original sounding music. It’s just a lot of organic sound. The radio just plays whatever they think everyone wants to hear but on the streets there are a lot of organic sounds.

5 goals in 2015:

Continue to make music that I want to make.
Inspire as many people as possible.
Continue elavating
I’ve got a lot of shows in UK all the time so I just want to continue mastering that.

Watch Bonkaz’ latest video for “We Run The Block” below.

Haleema is at NXNE. See You There. –@LVLPLATINUM

The Things We Learn In Sports June 6th -June 13th

This week in sports stars history on the tracks of New York. American Pharoah was able to complete the Triple Crown this past Saturday and gave horse racing a shot in the arm. American Pharoah was the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and the Belmont, since Affirmed in 1978. With history as the main player, these are the things we learn in sports.

7. Dez wants to get paid.

Dez Bryant for the Dallas Cowboys is considering skipping the start of the season if he doesn’t receive a contract extension. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen   reports that Byrant, 26, is considering skipping game 1 against the New York Giants to prove his point. Bryant had the franchise tag placed on him during the off season. Bryant can receive a long term deal only until July 15. Micheal Silver of can confirm that this isn’t a rumor.

Mortensen noted Bryant has not signed his franchise-tag deal that guarantees him $12.8 million. Bryant’s agent, Tom Condon, said, “Our goal is still to get something done on a long-term basis by the deadline.” Bryant is coming off a Pro Bowl season, and expectations are high for Dallas. Dallas can’t afford for Bryant to not be on the field at any point this season.

6. Kanye West doing Kanye West things at the NBA Finals.

Kanye West  try’s to takes some shine away from the NBA Finals as he pretends to be an NBA player and answer questions. O you mad Huh? It now you move Riley Curry.

5. Will the Real J.R. Smith please sit down

JR Smith
JR Smith

Cleveland Cavilers guard  J.R. Smith is having a terrible NBA finals, or as he would put it, he played like Horse Sh*t. He missed 10 of his 12 shots, and became the first player in finals history to go 0-8 from three. His problems in the big moment are one of the reasons he was packaged with Iman Shumpert in the deal that sent both of them to Cleveland. Smith has always had the ability to get hot at the dribble of the ball, and if he want Cleveland to win a title, he will have to start heating up.

4. Hey Ladies, USA Women’s National team seek a World Title.


The United States remained unbeaten at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup after playing out a scoreless draw against Sweden and former coach Pia Sundhage on Friday night in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The women’s team wants to bring back home the title for the first time since 1999. Even with the problems that surround goalie Hope Solo, the team is still poised to be the best in the world.

3. 27 up and 27 down, Pitcher Chris Heston throws no-hitter against the Mets

San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Chris Heston threw the first no-hitter of the season against the New York Mets. Bleacher Reports’ Jacob Shafer writers that after Heston’s masterful 11-strikeout performance against the New York Mets on June 9, he became the first Giants rookie to throw a no-no since Jeff Tesreau in 1912. Not a bad way to begin your career in the MLB.

2. Riley Curry getting this work even when she’s sleeping

There will be at least one more game played in Oracle Arena as the series between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers is tied at 2 games apiece. Riley Curry has really been the star of the playoffs since her arrival on the scene in the Western Conference Finals, but she has been a no show since the star of the NBA finals, until now. Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry decided to troll the Cavalier fans by posting this picture of Riley on instagram.

1. Run, Run, Run

American Pharoah has won the Triple Crown something that  hasn’t been accomplished since 1978. Racing has clearly taking a backseat to every single sport that is played in America, but a win like this might jump start the sport once again. David Hill of The New Yorker explains how racing use to be the main sport in this country.

“For more than twenty years after the Second World War, horse racing led all American sports in attendance figures. In 1973, the year that Secretariat won the Triple Crown after a twenty-five-year drought, attendance at North American race tracks topped seventy-six million. (By comparison, the combined attendance for American League and National League baseball that year was just over thirty million, a high-water mark for that sport.) Attendance at race tracks has since plummeted to a small fraction of those numbers. (Hill)”

But it seems that if a star can be born within the sport, then eyes will go to the screen. If that happens then Horse Racing has a heart beat once again.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

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Against All Odds: The Inspiring Story of Tony Chennault

The story of a man who lost everything. Except his will to change the world

You hear about it all the time. Athletes that leave the sport they love to pursue more meaningful, purposeful ventures. Pat Tillman–may he rest in peace–left the Arizona Cardinals in 2002 to join the army. Tiki Barber left football at the height of his career to do broadcast journalism. More recently, Larry Sanders, a key part of a young, promising and exciting Milwaukee Bucks team, walked away from nearly $30 million to meditate and regain control of his mental health. Tony Chennault‘s story is similar in its abrupt nature, but tragedy struck his life in a way that nearly left him no choice.

Chennault racked up accolades at an alarming rate early on in his career. As a high school basketball player, Chennault was awarded Gatorade State Player of The Year and Daily New Player of The Year following Neumann Goretti’s State Championship run, and from then onward, eyeballs were on him. He eventually ended up attending Wake Forest University, and played alongside Chris Paul, an experience he’ll never forget. However, in the summer of 2012, Tony would announce his transfer to Villanova University, a move based solely on his will to be near his ailing mother, and from that moment on, his life would never be the same.

chennault nova

That summer my brother was killed. 9 months later my mother died.

Chennault’s life–everything he held dear–was snatched from under his feet, but he didn’t buckle. Famed Villanova Men’s Basketball Head Coach Jay Wright has publicly spoken with Fox Philly 29 on his amazement at Chennault’s resilience, and will to push onward.

He was crushed when his mother passed but watching him at the funeral. We were in awe of him coming out of the funeral.

Despite his talent, and still young age (Chennault turned 24 in April), he made the career and life-defining decision to walk away from basketball for what he feels is his true purpose: getting a positive message across to the inner-city and underprivileged youth through film production. His well-receieved web series, Oldhead Chris, the first episode of which has been viewed over 27,000 times, aims to reel in young viewers with its guerilla, every day, relatable style, but still be instrumental in teaching and guiding young people safely through their respective tribulations. Who better to be at the helm, than a man who lost his family, walked away from his career and managed to begin a production company in a span of 2 years?

Chennault talked to us briefly via e-mail, and he had this to say about where he is at this current stage of his life.

I want to produce authentic positive urban content that can aspire people to live better, and I want all my characters to be real and people the audience can relate to.

And, as a closer, a bit of life philosophy from the man who has beat all perceived odds.

Attitude is big. It’s how you respond to every challenge that comes your way.

You can follow Tony Chennault on Instagram by clicking here, and check out the moves his production company is making by clicking here. He is also reachable via Twitter.

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Mike Tyson Goes On A Rant Against Floyd Mayweather In Lobby Of The MGM Grand


             “Greatness Is Not Guarding Yourself From The People, Greatness Is Being Accepted By The People.”

That is one of just many things Mike Tyson said in 1 minute and 38 seconds as The Undisputed Champion Network crossed paths with Mike in the lobby at the MGM Grand yesterday.

Mike was asked who he thinks will win the upcoming mega fight and he answered with “I think it will be a good fight, I thinks it won’t go the distance and someone is going to get knocked out.”  At first inkling, Mike chose Pacquiao, it is then that the interview took a bit of a turn.

When Tyson gets asked about Mayweather’s claim that he is better than one of the greatest ever Muhammad Ali, Iron Mike said “He’s very delusional.”  He then goes on to speak about Mayweather’s personal life, while also finishing his rant saying that Floyd is “A very small, scared man.”

Watch the video above for the whole entertaining video.