PREMIERE: Kyle Lucas Gets Pensive, and Energetic On New Album, ‘Marietta, Georgia: The Album’

Kyle Lucas doesn’t take no for an answer.

The Georgia native was exposed to just about everything but Hip-Hop growing up, but it wasn’t long before he was sucked in by the inescapable grasp of Outkast‘s funky classics at the age of 15, and the rest is, well, history.

From working with G-Eazy to performing on David Letterman‘s The Late Show, Lucas has brought his talents not only out of Georgia, but all around the world. His raps are as sincere as they are refined, and after several years of hard work and perseverance, he’s ready to deliver them to the world.

We’re happy to bring you Kyle’s brand new album, Marietta, Georgia: The Album, a day before it’s release, via a Soundcloud stream which you can check out below, featuring his popular single, “Veritas,” which features Johnny Craig.

Check it out, and enjoy.

Drake Has Been Dissed Once Again, This Time, By Sauce Walka

Drake might need a bulletproof vest to make it through 2015.

The Toronto rapper has had an excellent year, but it hasn’t come without controversy. We all know about the Meek Mill situation–from which, it should be noted, Drake emerged with a blowout victory–and there have been murmurs that Kendrick Lamar‘s ghostwriter quip on “King Kunta” and his interpolation of Drake lyrics and song titles on Dr. Dre‘s Compton album were hidden cracks at the 6 God, but today’s news isn’t about quip, or a maybe diss. Sauce Walka is fed up.

wack 2 whack

The Houston rapper, known for his regional hit “2 Legited 2 Quited” was very vocal earlier this year about his disdain for what he perceived to be misappropriation, on Drake’s part, of Houston Hip-Hop culture. Despite the fact that Drake has supported and paid homage to Houston artists for most of his career, from Bun B and DJ Screw to Travi$ Scott, Walka felt that Drake only showed up for Houston when it benefited him, and let loose with a bit of an Instagram rant, explaining his position. There’s no doubting the fact that this also had to do with the fact that Drake  said he would be doing a remix to Walka’s “2 Legited 2 Quited,” “for the city,” but that never materialized.

Drake’s responded–indirectly–to Walka’s comments during his annual Houston Appreciation Week concert, with this:

I don’t give a f–k what any n—a ever says about me. This is a place that I love with all my heart. I’m trying to give you more than I ever took from you. F–k what them n—s talking.

Well, we haven’t read the final chapter in this saga. Walka has released a diss track towards Drake, titled “Wack 2 Wack,” a remix of Drake’s hit “Back to Back,” which also served as his final response to Meek Mill during their riff.

Listen to the track below.

Young Thug Finally Releases ‘Slime Season’ Mixtape

After much anticipation, the mixtape is now available.

To say that Young Thug and Lil Wayne have a similar sound in their music would be an extreme understatement. For that reason, when it was announced that Free Weezy Album and Slime Season would drop on the same day, everyone had something to say about it. Would there be subliminal shots? Would Thug’s music be of a higher quality and trigger an unofficial passing of the crown?

It never ended up happening. Since July 4th, Thug’s tape was repeatedly pushed back with no confirmed reason. We continued to receive unauthorised leaks with no real knowledge about where they’d end up. Now, problems between the two former affiliates seem to have eased up, especially considering Take Kare made it onto the final tracklist.

The full tape is officially out and available for download. Was it worth the wait? Find out below.

– Akaash Sharma (@AkaaSH_SHarmA)

“Smack” Remix Video Dir by Jynx Million

Dax of Mpire enlists some of NY’s hottest wordsmiths for his new video “Smack”. A collab with Murda Mook x BK’s own RRose RRome and Ag da Coroner and AL. Production courtesy of Scram Jones.

Kanye West Debuted a New Song at His Yeezy Season 2 Fashion Show

When Kanye West debuted his first ever Addias collection, Yeezy Season 1, back in February, the buzz surrounded not only his new threads and sneakers, but new music, which, at the time, was thought to be imminent. ‘Ye added fuel to that fire by premiering “Wolves,” his collaboration with Vic Mensa and SIA, in New York City at the fashion show, which was attended by expected A-listers Anna Wintour, Jay Z, Diddy and more. Kanye would then perform the song on Saturday Night Live shortly after.

Today, Yeezy is back in New York City debuting the second installment of Yeezy Season, Yeezy Season 2, and he has once again premiered new music, this time featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone, per Malone himself, who is in attendance at the YS2 show.

You can hear a preview of the song above, but don’t get your hopes up for an official release of the record. “Wolves” has yet to see the light of day, and despite the fact that Kanye’s been teasing his new album since May 2014, outside of a name change, no news on it has surfaced.

Watch BJ The Chicago Kid x Chance The Rapper’s “Church” Video

BJ The Chicago Kid and Chance The Rapper battle with their conscience’s in the new visual for “Church”. As BJ contemplates whether or not to get wild and debaucherous with a seductress or to stay strong and attend church in the morning, he figures that he can have his cake and eat it and still “go to heaven”. BJ The Chicago Kid’s soulful vocals and Chance’s verse both portray compelling arguments on whether or not he should stay or leave. He’s staying, and as the Scott Lazes-directed visuals come to a head, there’s a surprising twist right at the end.



Listen To Bigg Homie’s “The Money Part” Ft. Guordan Banks

Philly rapper Bigg Homie joins forces with Dreamchaser‘s soul singer/songwriter Guordan Banks and Grammy producer Vidal Davis for “The Money Part”. A laid back jam with a cool, old school feel, the song serves as the first single off of his upcoming EP Condo Music 2.



Listen To Ghostface Killah x DOOM’s “Lively Hood”

DOOM collabs are always ingenious, and this Ghostface Killah and DOOM tag team is no exception. DOOMSTARKS have just unleashed their dope new track, “Lively Hood”, and it’s everything we were hoping it would be. It’s lyrical and boasts a dope, gritty instrumental. This one should definitely get fans hyped for the rumored joint album DOOMSTARKS will hopefully be releasing later on this year. The release is a part of Adult Swim Singles 2015 series, and you can download it free right here or if you’re a vinyl lover, you can order the limited edition 7″ at Gas Drawls.



Listen To Lil George’s “Sauce” Remix ft. French Montana

Following this morning’s debut via DJ Envy over at The Breakfast Club, Lil George releases his remix for his popular “Sauce” single which now features French Montana and boasts a grittier edge and a heavier bass. The “Sauce” remix was produced by Reuel Beats and YH, and is taken from Lil George’s upcoming mixtape via BMB Entertainment. Check it out below.


Stream Mac Miller’s New Album, ‘GO:OD AM,’ f/ Lil B, Chief Keef, Miguel & More

Mac Miller has beat the odds on more than one occasion, but now they’re in his favor.

The Pittsburgh rapper released two LPs through independent, hometown label Rostrum Records, both of which sold at least 100,000 copies in their first week, and the first of which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. Shortly after the release of the latter of the two, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, Miller left Rostrum in favor of Warner Bros. Records, a major label, with whom he signed a $10 million deal. Since then, his radio play and pop output has remained scarce/non-existent, but GO:OD AM marks his first big-engine release, and it’ll be interesting to see what he’s come up with.

To find out, you no longer have to wait until September 18, the album’s official release date. Courtesy of NPR, you can stream Mac’s 3rd LP right now, featuring appearances from Chief Keef, Ab-Soul, Miguel, Lil B and Little Dragon.

Let the whole thing play through below, or go a la carte over at NPR.