Tweet Returns with New Single, “Won’t Hurt Me”

Self-sufficiency seems to be a reoccurring theme with Tweet’s music.

Sounding like the day she entered the mainstream industry with debut album Southern Hummingbird in 2002, Tweet returns with a humbling, melodic and self-secure record about the end of a relationship. We can all admit breakups of any kind aren’t easy, but the guitar-backed number is bound to ease a broken heart in no time. It’s liberating and easy.

Once widely-known for her chart-topping lead single featuring the iconic Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott Oops (Oh My), the Rochester, New York-native singer-songwriter makes her way back onto today’s musical landscape with “Won’t Hurt Me”.

“Do whatever it is you wanna do,” she sings about Mr. Wrong. “It won’t hurt me.”

Stream the audio by way of the player below:

Stay tuned for more news about Tweet’s forthcoming album Charlene (her first name), slated for an early 2016 release.

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Bae Watch: Morris Chestnut Talks FOX’s ‘Rosewood’ Leading Role

Viewers certainly won’t complain of the latest dosage of chocolate slated to take over your Wednesday nights. In a refreshing new Fall lineup, FOX debuts a new series starring Morris Chestnut in the medical drama, Rosewood. The Todd Harthan created series is a hybrid of comedy, drama, and real-life situations with a gorgeous Miami backdrop, as The Best Man actor plays the title character, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, or “Rosie.”

Fresh off The Perfect Guy success, who’s number one in the box office for two consecutive weeks, September is shaping up to be a successful one for the California native. Debuting his first leading role in a TV series, Chestnut plays the cocky, charming and uber-suave pathologist-for-hire, solving crimes with Miami P.D along side the fiesty Jaina Lee Ortiz and Gabrielle Dennis (The Game.)

At the Chicago VIP screening of the drama, co-star Lorraine Toussant, who plays Chestnut’s mother, blushed about the new series, calling it, “a complex story and procedural. It’s Miami; it’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s Morris Chestnut! And it’s smart. My ten year old refers to the character Rosewood as “the smart guy.” It’s intellectually stimulating, sexy, very funny and even heartbreaking. The family aspect of it is very real, we get very real, we’re a modern black family and we have those modern black family issues- my daughter’s a lesbian and she’s getting married, I’m getting divorced from my husband, it’s real life.”

Premiering just before the FOX juggernaut second season premiere of Empire, this Wednesday at 8:00pm, Rosewood is sure to become a Wednesday night staple.

The Source caught up with the 46-year-old as he got candid about his new show, what he’d be if he wasn’t an actor and more. – Angela Wilson (@SheisAngela)


The Source: Congratulations on your new FOX show, Rosewood. What makes this show different from other medical dramas?

Morris Chestnut: Thank you, I’m really excited about it. With this particular show we’re doing a little bit of everything. You’re going to get comedy and drama in each episode; they’re either all straight comedy or straight drama. What separates our show is we shift and mix tones and we have a lot of different characters that bring a lot of different things to the show.

Are there any similarities between you and your character?

Yes, there’s a bit, I think I’m very optimistic and we use a bit of wit and humor in our everyday life. And he likes to stay in shape.

How do you handle all the love you receive from your female fans?

I appreciate that [support] – they’ve come out and supported me throughout my career. I just try to give back whenever I can and try to get better as an actor and bring better quality projects for them to be entertained.

See Also: Morris Chestnut To Star In New Show ‘Rosewood’FOX's "Rosewood" - Season One

You’ve been in the game for over 20 years, from Ricky (Boyz n The Hood, 1991), to Keith (Two Can Play That Game, 2001) to Lance (The Best Man, The Best Man Holiday) do you have a favorite character?

I think all [the characters] bring different things; Ricky was fun and when I look back on that I reflect back because then I was just starting out and I compare it to who I am now as an actor and a person.

What is something about you that can’t be found on Google?

Well I haven’t Googled myself lately, so I’m not really sure but I think what people don’t know is that I’m some what of a quiet, shy person.

Fill in the Blank: If I weren’t an actor, I would be…

I would want to be an athlete or a financial manager.

So you’re good with numbers?

I try to be!

What’s your sport of choice?

Football’s my favorite, that’s my first love. Rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles!

<strong>Rosewood premieres Wednesday, September 23 on FOX at 8/7c.

Photo credit: FOX, Getty Images

Viola Davis Makes Black History At The 2015 Emmys – Watch Her Acceptance Speech Here!

“Let me tell you something: the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.”

There’s absolutely no stopping this smoking train, Viola Davis has had one incredible year. History was made at Sunday’s 67th annual Emmy Awards, as Davis became the first Black actress to win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama for her role as Annalise Keating on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. An emotional, overwhelmed, and honored Davis delivered a riveting speech in acceptance of the award.

“In my dreams and visions, I seemed to see a line, and on the other side of that line were green fields, and lovely flowers, and beautiful white ladies, who stretched out their arms to me over the line, but I couldn’t reach them no-how,”

Viola quoted Harriet Tubman.

The struggle for Black woman in television has been a topic of discussion for decades. Viola addresses her difficulty as an actress of color in her acceptance speech.

“You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there,”

Viola expressed.

At this year’s Emmys, there were also wins by Orange Is The New Black‘s Uzo Aduba in the Supporting Actress Drama category and American Crime‘s Regina King as Supporting Actress in a Limited Series Or Movie — a record for diversity in the top categories.

These woman have changed the conversation and are finally being recognized for their undeniable talents, despite the color of their skin. This moment is a step in a revolutionary direction for sure.

Congratulations to Viola Davis, she’s truly deserving of the honor!

By Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)

Mac Miller Breaks Down “100 Grandkids” With Genius

It’s been two years since Mac Miller‘s last studio album, but his latest project GO:OD AM proves he hasn’t missed a beat. The album’s lead single “100 Grandkids” is a wellspring of witty metaphors and introspective lyrics, some of which Mac broke down in a new interview with Genius. With lines like “What’s a God without a little O.D.?” and “You put the ‘ho’ in honest baby” his commentary is as rewarding as the the lines themselves. Enjoy the video above and check out the lyrics with annotations from Mac Miller himself below.

G Herbo’s New “L’s” Record Runs Deep

How would you live if God could guarantee your life was long?

Circumstances alter the outcome of life. G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb) reminisces about his hardened life, trials and tribulations. When he was 13, Herbert Wright was engrossed into academics, reading books and playing basketball. Three years later, adaptation occurred and at 16, he was kin to street pharmacists and he handled deadly weapons. The truth is being from “Terror Town” (or any ‘hood like it that lacks vital resources, lucrative and developmental opportunities, affordable mental therapy and extracurricular activities) isn’t the best environment to raise a child in, for the aforementioned reason.

However unlike most rappers, both of Herbo’s parents were at home. He shares that he was closer to his mom, but the relationship with his father was estranged because his life took a gloomy turn.

“Pops was cool but I was everything I wasn’t supposed to be / In the street, ditching school / Murder, drugs around me.”

Dwelling on the Eastside of Chicago wasn’t easy and the proof sits at the beginning of his second verse. Therefore, he found himself having to defend himself and do whatever it took to survive. Becoming numb and heartless as a result of the violence and countless murders of close friends and the alike, often he found himself in a never-ending cycle. With all perils, misfortune and losses in his life, the 19-year-old entertainer still finds the time and courage to show appreciation to his supporters, who ultimately helped to change his life again,

“Bunch of shootouts / Lucky that them bullets went around me / God was with me, jumped straight in that water / It ain’t drown me.”

“Love and live your life. Make it lavish long, and I can’t right my wrongs, so I just write my songs. How would I live if God guarantee my life was long? And when I sin, I pray that God don’t leave my life alone.”

Stream Herbo’s profundity, all-telling single “L’s” from his forthcoming project titled, “Ballin Like I’m Kobe”, which is set to release sometime this month. In addition, Herbo will join The Smoker’s Club Tour.

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Stream: wifisfuneral “This is Temporary” EP

After a cosign from Earl Sweatshirt, we had to check out wifisfuneral, and we were not disappointed. At just 18 years old, the young rapper has a bright future ahead of him.

2015 has been a great year so far for wifisfuneral. He has had two songs reach well over 100k plays on SoundCloud (“Today, War” and “Surrrf”), performed at Rolling Loud Festival and TxL Festival, and headlined his own “Surrrf” tour.

On September 11, wifisfuneral released his latest EP “This is Temporary” and received high praise from his loyal fanbase. The EP is executive produced and mixed by HenryDaher, featuring production from Nuri, Serious Sounds, AdamOnTheTrack, Sly Drexler, and HenryDaher, with features from Buffet Boys member Fat Nick, and frequent collaborators Max P and Danny Towers. Stream the EP below, and be on the lookout for more music and videos from wifisfuneral.

Universal is Potentially Eyeing A Def Jam Records Biopic Featuring Michael B. Jordan And Jonah Hill

The N.W.A biopic might have opened the doors for another Hip Hop story Continue reading Universal is Potentially Eyeing A Def Jam Records Biopic Featuring Michael B. Jordan And Jonah Hill

Joe Budden Talks “SlaughterMouse” With Genius; Speaks Candidly About Relationship With Eminem

Say what you will about Joe Budden; he’s probably heard it all. A veteran whose career spans a dozen years, and which has straddled both mainstream success and underground dominance — namely as member of the hyper-lyrical supergroup Slaughterhouse — Budden’s story is quite a tale. Though his tumultuous love life has taken the spotlight in recent years, the Jersey vet instead spoke candidly with Genius‘ new manager of artist relations, Rob Markman, about Shady Records /Interscope label head, Eminem.

During their nearly 10 minutes talk, Budden and Markman scrutinize “Slaughtermouse”, a track off of Joe’s upcoming third studio album, All Love Lost. The track has already been labeled as a “diss track” to some and to others an open letter, while Joe, himself, refer’s to it as his version of Em’s foreboding Marshall Mathers LP hit, “Stan”. The discourse spans several topics, including: Joe and Em sharing a similar path such as addiction to drugs and lover’s quarrels with their respective significant others, Joe surmising that Em’s superstardom would mean success for himself and Slaughterhouse, and Joe weighing in on how impactful “My Name Is” would be if it were released in 2015.

Check out the video for yourself above, as well as the lyrics to “Slaughtermouse” with verified annotations by Joe below. Also be sure to see Joe Budden and Rob Markman live, as panelists during SOURCE360, which kicks off today and goes on through Sunday — get information and tickets here.


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T.I. Ends Business Relationship With Iggy Azalea

Fresh from releasing a surprise EP Da’Nic last week, the King of the South T.I. paid a visit to Hot 97‘s Ebro In The Morning to discuss his whereabouts in the past few months as well as his plans for the rest of the year. During the conversation, Tip spoke on the success of his reality show The Family Hustle as well as his forthcoming album Dime Trap, slated for release later this year. Staying on the creative front, he also discussed the possible sequel to the film ATL and the red tape he encountered when attempting to bring the film to fruition.

Outside of music and film, T.I. managed to dodge several questions regarding the Meek MillDrake feud, which resulted in the Philadelphia rapper spilling the beans on a T.I. associated who allegedly urinated on Drizzy in the middle of a movie theater. As well as he played keep away on that question, the Atlanta native was very candid about the end of his business relationship with Australian star Iggy Azalea. He explains that he attempted to shield her from the backlash she encountered in the past year, but he waved the white flag after her skirmish with Hip-Hop legend Q-Tip on Twitter.

After the Q-Tip thing… After I kind of had smoothed it over, like okay, ‘What is really meant to be said here is…’ After it was cool, everything was cool, and then they kind of came back and undid what I had just [accomplished],” he said. “I’ma be all the way real, I’m a loyal partner. If I rock with you I’m gon’ rock with you…I really do feel that they [Iggy’s team] just needed a little more time to adjust, which I feel they [Iggy’s team] can do. They have the talent, they have the charisma.

Ghostwritten or not, her verse “No Mediocre” was pretty goodRocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

Please join us and attend the Second Annual SOURCE360 Festival & Experience in Brooklyn, September17-20th. SOURCE360 celebrates the innovation and creativity inspired by the positive use of Hip-Hop and represents NYC’s and Brooklyn’s diverse cultural tapestry! Last year’s SOURCE360 featured over twenty events and took place over a four-day period. It was a big success for the borough and attracted over 30,000 attendees. We hope to make this year’s event even better! For more information, be sure to check out our official press release and details here.