“Smack” Remix Video Dir by Jynx Million

Dax of Mpire enlists some of NY’s hottest wordsmiths for his new video “Smack”. A collab with Murda Mook x BK’s own RRose RRome and Ag da Coroner and AL. Production courtesy of Scram Jones.

Ghostface Killah Blasts Action Bronson, Bronson Apologizes

Action Bronson has often been mercilessly compared to the Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah, but there seemed to be no problem between the two rap stars until now. In the video above, Ghostface goes in on Bronson for the comments that he made on ESPN’s SportsNation. After being told by Max Kellerman that he bought his album just because he thought it was Ghostface, Bronson responded with “He’s not rapping like this no more.”

Ghostface clearly had a problem with these comments. “Who gives you the right to even mention my name?,” was just one of the many jabs that the Queens rapper takes at Bronson. It didn’t take long for Bronson to about-face on his comments on Sportsnation concerning  Ghostface, taking to Twitter to express his feelings on the issue.

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Shia LaBeouf Launches His Rap Career with a Focused Freestye


Shia LaBeouf hasn’t had this much heat since he was running with his woes in Transformers. But now he’s back spitting super hot fire in a freestyle posted to Youtube. LaBeouf stands in the center of a semi-circle, dropping verses comparable to the likes of the legendary Chocolate Drop.

Check out the LaBeouf’s bars above, and get ready for that battle with Chocolate Drop coming soon. Well, it’s not confirmed but how great would that be?

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#BARZ | Diamond V. Blazes Throwbacks on “OLD THING BACK” (Visuals)

In a city full of coal, Far Rock discovered it’s Diamond… Let’s get familiar! Continue reading #BARZ | Diamond V. Blazes Throwbacks on “OLD THING BACK” (Visuals)

Watch the Official Music Video for Snoop Dogg’s “Peaches N Cream” ft. Pharrell & Charlie Wilson

The dogg-father of rap is back.. This time with Pharrell and Charlie Wilson.. Continue reading Watch the Official Music Video for Snoop Dogg’s “Peaches N Cream” ft. Pharrell & Charlie Wilson

Watch: Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild Featuring Action Bronson, “100 MPH”

Fast cake, I do it my way, head to toe labels on deck, do it the fly way… Continue reading Watch: Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild Featuring Action Bronson, “100 MPH”

[Video] The Tree Mason Releases Video For “Bronxghanistan”

Bronx Native and Hooligan, The Tree Mason releases video for “Bronxghanistan”. Continue reading [Video] The Tree Mason Releases Video For “Bronxghanistan”


As we begin the New Year, many people take time out to reflect on how much they have accomplished towards their goals.  OGG (Originality Gains Greatness) is a tight-knit crew consisting of creative talents of all types: videographers, rappers, hosts and DJ’s.  The group was created in March of 2014 and quickly became the talk of Atlanta after OG Maco’s “U Guessed It” video went viral.  Since then, OG Maco, Losa, Kushy, Cedd, Theo Ferragamo, Hombre, DJ Bluetooth and other members of the crew have been working hard to make a long lasting imprint on the music scene.

In a matter of months, OG Maco has performed in various states, been featured in magazines as a rising artist to lookout for, and interviewed by some of the top radio stations and outlets in the music industry.  For the New Year, OG Maco gave back to the people that contributed to his ongoing success and gave him the extra push to continue his journey.

On January 1st, OG Maco curated a free show in Atlanta for fans of all ages as a thank you for their continuous support.  #ANOGMACONEWYEAR was a collaborative effort of OGG and other artists to showcase their talent and introduce fans to what they have coming up for 2015. T Bo from OGG hosted the event, which featured DJ sets from GuyATL and OG Maco’s official DJ, OG Bluetooth and surprise performances by other artists from Atlanta.

Hundreds of people came out to the dim lit warehouse with copies of Maco’s self titled EP ready to party like rockstars.  Members of Quality Control Music showed support to their newest signee as well as local producers and artists like Wara, Ducko McFli and ManManSavage. Everyone performed their songs off stage while the fans fed off the energy exuded from each artist.

OG Maco got the crowd ready for Theo Ferragamo and the first lady of OGG, Losa, who are next up in the crew.  Losa blew the crowd away with her style and ruthless lyrics in her song, “Figures” and Theo performed a banger with rising ATL artist, Jerz titled “Same Sh*t”.  The audience was very enthused and excited when Losa announced her upcoming project titled Sophisticated Ignorance due to release in 2015.

Along with surprise announcements from the OGG crew, Hombre, Johnny Cinco, Lucci, and High Society’s TheCoolIsMac also did special guests performances.  The raw energy of the fans in the crowd was undeniable. As a gift to the fans, Maco decided to shoot the video for one of the standout tracks from OG Maco, titled “F*ckEmx3.”  Everyone was ecstatic.  Fans were rushing to the forefront to be featured in the video with one of their favorite artists.

#ANOGMACONEWYEAR was an event strictly for the people that have been a huge part of OG Maco’s success. He received an abundance of love from the fans, his OGG crew, label mates and other artists form Atlanta.  The amount of genuine support that was spread throughout the room was undeniable.  Be on the lookout for OG Maco’s “F*ckEmx3” video featuring his fans releasing soon. As the year of 2015 kicks off, OGG is plotting and planning on how to take the year by storm!

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