Chris Brown Debuts New Video for “Liquor/Zero”

Chris Brown has finally liberated his newest music video, a 9-minute short film for his latest single, “Liquor,” and a new record, “Zero.”

The video starts off with Brown in a bar having a drink alone, but he’s later given a drink by a beautiful woman that changes his entire night. Brown returns home, but before he can reach his door his clothes and personal belongings are being thrown out onto the street, which seamlessly takes you into “Zero,” a brand new record from Brown, who just wrapped up his star-studded One Hell Of a Nite tour this weekend, and is prepping his new album, Royalty, for a 4th quarter release.

King Jut

Former Cash Money Artist Papa Reu Reunites With Lil Wayne, Exclusive Candid Interview

Trinidad & Tobago born and Houston,TX based entertainer Papa Reu is a musical tour de force. He is innovative and true to his art. His style is distinctive and trendsetting. His music is realistic yet cutting edge. Papa Reu has been paving his musical lane since 1994. His first claim to fame was being featured on 8Ball and MJG’s 1994 album “On the Outside Looking In.” The former cash money records artist sat down with us for a candid interview to bring people up to speed about his movements.

The Source: You started off with the Rap/sung style that was later adopted by such artists as Akon. Describe that style in more detail.

Papa Reu: I am originally from Trinidad & Tobago. I was one of the first artists to bring the Caribbean/Hip Hop sound to the South. My style is universal and it represents “uniqueness.” My music reminds me of ‘Gumbo.’ For example, the main ingredient for gumbo is “Rue.” Different assorted meats, veggies, and rice are added to complete the “unique” taste of gumbo. And that’s how I would describe my music. It’s flavorful. I was the first Mr. International. And my sound is still very relevant and current. With all due respect, I was “Akon” before “Akon” was on the scene. And the reason why I say that is that we were both international artists with in the underground Hip Hop music lane.

Source: Many know you as being part of the original Hot Boys camp. Recently you attended the Hot Boys reunion during Weezyana Fest . What was that like?

PR: It was an incredible experience. It was nostalgic. I was originally featured on The Hot Boys’ “Shoot First,” The Big Tymers’ “Lick Them Up Shots,” Juvenile’s “Rich Ni**az,” “Lil Wayne’s “Not Like Me,” and more. I hadn’t seen some of my Hot Boys brethren in a while. The vibe and energy was great. Juvenile, Turk, Mannie Fresh and most of the whole crew were there. Everyone was ecstatic to see me. In fact, while Lil Wayne was on stage performing, I was on the stage enjoying the set on the side. Wayne came over to where I was standing and Mack Maine alerted him that I was standing there. When he saw me, Lil Wayne briefly stopped performing and fell to the ground and then got up and gave me a bear hug like embrace. That’s love. There’s a possibility that you may see a remix of one of my new singles featuring Wayne in the future. Things are moving. Anything is possible.

Source: What is your relationship like with Baby of Cash Money now?

PR: We haven’t spoken in a while but it’s cool. If we bumped into each other today then we would just sit down and have some drinks. I respect what Baby and his brother accomplished but I had to move on and create my own zone. I’m all about growing and expanding. I started my own record label called Reu Muzik, Inc. Also I built a full-fledged studio in Houston, Texas and added a production company called Reuster House Productions.

Source: You are back with a vengeance. One of your big records was with Rick Ross on “Put It In The Air.” Remind the people about some other major collaborations you did.

PR: Well the truth is I never left. Over the years, I have collaborated with hundreds of artists like Bun B and Elephant Man on “Big Shottas,” I was featured on the H-Town track “Buss One”, Solange Knowles’ track “Don’t Fight the Feeling,” The 504 Boyz‘ track “Tight Whips” also featuring Slay Sean, 5th Ward Weebie, and Lil’ Romeo.. I also worked with artists like YZ & Gemini on “Hold on,” Lil Keke on “Diamond and Pearls” and as you mentioned Rick Ross on “Put It in the Air,” which was my record.

Source: You appear on the new Scarface album “Deeply Rooted ,” which is getting critical acclaim? Tell us about that.

PR: First off Scarface is a legend. And he has created a masterpiece with his new album. I am featured on two songs. I am on the songs “Rooted,”which is the title track and “Dope Man Pushin.” Make sure you go out and support quality music from a classic artist such as my big bro Facemob.

Source: Your new movement is called Born2Win. What is the philosophy behind that?

PR: The philosophy involves “Principle” and “Integrity.” It is all about creating music that has a message with positivity and motivation that listeners will enjoy and feel a connection to. My new video is called “Born2Win.” I talk about my trials, tribulations and then my triumphs. Positive people view other people’s success as inspiration. There is a winner in each of us. You just have to harness the champion within you. Respect the grind and join the movement. Check out my website



“Smack” Remix Video Dir by Jynx Million

Dax of Mpire enlists some of NY’s hottest wordsmiths for his new video “Smack”. A collab with Murda Mook x BK’s own RRose RRome and Ag da Coroner and AL. Production courtesy of Scram Jones.

#PeepTheVisual Billy B – That’s A Fact Feat. Kaimikaze Kai & Tray Pizzy

Brooklyn knows what it takes to be bad ass, no Pro Era. Produced by Brick Squad’s 808 Mafia, Billy Badass unveils her “promising” freshman look, Buck 50, on  Hot New Hip Hop among others, providing summer bangers like “That’s A Fact, Feat. New York emerging talents Kaimikaze Kai and Tray Pizzy,” for her growing online fan base.

Listen above & Subscribe: Billy B’s “That’s A Fact Feat. Kaimikaze Kai and Tray Pizzy! (Directed by @SYDNEYBLACKWATER) and make sure you check out her latest interview to see her softer side on The Nene Show . 

Instagram: @THCBillyB

Twitter: @BillyBTHC

Youtube: BillyBaddassEnt EXLCUSIVE Interview With Creator Of Sean Price Mural MERES One

Exactly one month following the untimely death of Boot Camp Clik new millenial frontman Sean Price, conducts an exclusive interview with MERES One, the creator of the famed Sean Price memorial mural located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn that has been visited over the past month by thousands. MERES, who is also the founder of the now defunct Five Pointz Art Gallery, talks with Sha Be Allah about how he came up with the idea for the mural, the details of the art and more importantly, why Sean Price still is an important figure to Hip Hop and Brooklyn.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

Actor/Comedian Tony Rock Talks New Series “The Big Leaf,” Drake/Meek Mill, N.W.A Film & More In Hilarious Interview

Currently on a press run for his starring role in the new television series “The Big Leaf,” actor/comedian Tony Rock stopped by The Source office and shed some light on the program but also spoke on a multitude of other topics including the “Straight Outta Compton” film, Meek Mill/Drake feud, his older brother Chris Rock, his favorite recent album, which new MC he favors and much more. Rock spoke with a humorous candor on all topics, which made for very entertaining sit down. Mail was delivered to the office in the middle of his interview and he spun into off the cuff comedy as only he could. Check it out below, and be on the lookout for “The Big Leaf,” which is set to air on TVOne Tuesday September 15th at 11pm EST.

Video by Decade Pictures

I really got a kick out of his take on Meek Mill/DrakeRocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

#PeepTheVisual: Slim Sky View Presents – ‘The Walking Dead’

Straight outta Bedstuy, Brooklyn, Slim Sky View, is back with the visual to his latest single “The Walking Dead”. The young boy is definitely talking that ish and with hard hitting production by SterCity, he consisely goes in and lets off on every scrub who doesn’t live what they claim. Slim has the instinctive ability to motivate the listener with a crystal clear tone of voice and pitch that without a doubt, proves that he is unruffled and here to stay.

Armed with the knowledge and experience passed down from hip hop icons, he mixes an engaging personality, voice and sound that is all his own. SLIM prides himself on blend-ing “retro” vintage styles with Main-Stream Hip-Hop and Neo Soul creating a mastery infu-sion for the music lover’s ears. The BK dweller is certainly making a big impact on everyone he comes across and shares his soul with. “The Walking Dead” was recently given the spotlight on New York City infamous urban radio stations Hot 97 and 105.1 FM. This could be the next Brooklyn Banger so keep an ear out and support the kid!

The zombies in the video look dope in a creepy way, and I’m diggin the cars and concept as well. Peep the visual and give us your thoughts.

Twitter / IG : @slimskyview

[Interview] POWER Star Rotimi “Dre” Tells Us What To Expect Next Season! Watch It Here

This young man has not only manage to steal the show with his jaw dropping looks, but dominates his bad boy role and claims his character!

The finale of Starz hit series Power has fans at the edge of their seats, eager to catch next season. The show introduced the newest cast addition,Rotimi, who plays “Dre” in Season 2 and lets just say the ladies aren’t mad at all! The 26-year-old New Jersey native shares his experience transitioning from a college student, straight into major roles on television and his story is truly inspiring. In addition to acting, Rotimi has singer/songwriter on his resume and recently signed with Power’s executive producer, 50 cent, on his G-Unit label. Quickly things are taking off for his career as he readies his new EP which includes his single “Lotto” featuring 50 Cent, and prepares to start shooting Season 3 of Power.

In the interview Rotimi opens up about who he is outside of the lights and cameras, and as a single man what characteristics a woman has to have to steal his heart. He also spills that “Dre” just might be wearing suits and ties with “Ghost” on next season of Power. Take a look at our exclusive interview and here how he landed the role of “Dre”, what he looks for in a woman, and get some insight on Season 3 of.

By Tia Long (@BytiaLong)