[VIDEO] 22 Savage-Jumpin

22 Savage is out to prove he is the greatest and most ultimate savage in the worrld. He decided to one-up XXL Freshman’s 21 Savage by calling himself 22 Savage, as he feels he is better all across the board when it comes to his lyrics, his look, his artistry and his ruthless savagery. 22 Savage has a sidekick named Scratch Off (21 Savage has Lotto). Scratch Off got his name from his reputation of making people disappear who have a problem with him. Check out Travis James Entertainment’s 22 Savage and Scratch Off in “Jumpin’.”


Recap: SOURCE360 Unsigned Hype Competition

The Second Annual SOURCE360 Festival & Experience is celebration for the entire 360-degree spectrum of art, music, film & television, fashion, dance, sports, and technology inspired by Hip Hop.

The Unsigned Hype Competition gives a lineage of dope emcees the intense, but fun opportunity to go head to head for the title on a live stage. Some Unsigned Hype alumnis include The Notorious B.I.G, Common, and Eminem to name a few.

20 participants competed and only 6 of them advanced to the next round. The finalists included K. Forbes, Bam Vito, Scienze, Josh McFadden, Yusha Assad, and  Rose Rome. Everyone put on a riveting show. But there was room for only one winner and ultimately K. Forbes ended victoriously.

The King of Pop Comedy, Jack Thriller hosted the show and Smoke DZA also came through and graced the SOURCE360 stage.

Check out the pictures in the gallery and the video below to see what you missed at The Second Annual SOURCE360 Festival & Experience:

New Music: Bankroll Fresh & Oy Boyz Link Up With DJ Scream For The Record “Put It In Your Face”

Oy Boyz get an assist from Bankroll Fresh Continue reading New Music: Bankroll Fresh & Oy Boyz Link Up With DJ Scream For The Record “Put It In Your Face”

Wale, D’Angelo and the Vanguard Rock Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival

Smoke danced in the air. The smell of on-tap beer drifted across Union Park as it transformed into a musical paradise, greeting Midwestern music-heads with popular headliners and must see up-and-comings for the 2015 North Coast Music Festival. Self-dubbed “Chicago’s Last Stand,” a final hoo-rah to the summer before the cooler weather begins it’s unapologetic domination, a myriad of hip-hop, electronic and metal bands took to the stage in ear pleasing sets during Labor Day weekend.

FullSizeRender (2)

Fans from every corner of Chicago, home to Kanye West, Twista, R. Kelly, Lupe Fiasco plus dozens more, descended upon the 3-day stint to see their favorite artists. This year’s festival tapped rapper Wale, D’Angelo and The Vanguard, along with one of the most influential hip hop acts ever, The Roots, in addition to The Chemical Brothers, popular electronic music band.

The North Coast Music Festival has always been known for it’s diverse appeal. Attracting everyone from the grunge lovers, to boho-chic flower childs, to hip-hop heads, North Coast had something for everyone.

FullSizeRender (4)

Wale was Chi-town chillin’ as he performed his hyped set on Friday, September 4. Blessing the 312-stage, the “Matrimony” rapper put on an impeccable show, interacting with fans; taking selfies with festival goers smart phones and jumping in the crowd on multiple occasions.

Dressed in an army-fatigue top and pinned up dreads with a red and black scarf, the D.C. native chanted, “turn the f*ck up,” as the audience bellowed after him, getting the crowd hype as he performed his most popular hits, including “Bad,” the Miguel-assisted “Lotus Flower Bomb” and “Girls on Drugs.” The 30-year-old songwriter closed his show with the ultra party anthem, “No Hands,” untying his secured do to shake his dreads to the beat as the crowd waved their hands and jumped in rhythm.

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D’Angelo and the Vanguard took to the stage the following day, marking their first performance ever in the Windy City. Despite Saturday morning showers, fans came out in droves to see the R&B legend perform with his band. Although the “How Does it Feel” singer performed most of his new material from his surprise album, Black Messiah, the 41-year-old was a hybrid of old-school, funk and blues. But his die-hard fans, who first fell in love with the R&B crooner from the early nineties, didn’t feel left out, as he performed the sultry hit, “Brown Sugar.” Alternating from the guitar to the keyboard, D’Angelo showcased his unlimited talents, infused with his signature falsetto. – Angela Wilson (@SheisAngela)

Photo credit: Vocalo 91.1, Frank Knuckles Instagram, Josh Timmermans Instagram, Sherron Shabazz Instagram

Premiere: Watch Tre Redeau’s “Doja” Video ft. Dizzy Wright & Blossom

Directed by: Timslew

It’s the day after Labor Day and you feel awful. Not “I ate the last Dorito” awful but “my body hates me” awful. On your lunch break, pour yourself a green tea, dim the lights, and watch the new visuals from the Portland native, Tre Redeau. “Doja” is the third video to drop from Tre’s last project Kool-Aid Stand. It starts with warm colors that are soft on the eyes. The video switches from That ’70s Show styled smoking sessions indoors to walking around town, all with a slightly blurry yet welcoming feeling. The production is a mix of Curren$y and Cypress Hill, almost like a hybrid of a sativa and an indica.

When asked about the first time he was high, Tre responded:

“Man, it was crazy. I was outside a kickback when we smoked, and it hit me immediately after I inhaled the smoke. Then I slowly made my way back into the party. Grabbed a tub of liquorice and put “Party Life” by Jay Z on repeat. I still don’t know why they had red vines there but they were live at that moment. I was definitely gone in my own world and nobody changed the song.”

Also Tre has been kind enough to host a contest for you to win a pair of Grey Nike Air Yeezy 2’s. Head to his website for the full rules.

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Premiere: Listen to J.I.D’s "Reloaded"

You ever play a pick up game and you’re in the zone, making 3’s like you’re almost related to Stephen Curry? Or everything is going your way at work after you killed that meeting with no preparation? Being in that pocket is a lot like what J.I.D does for about three and a half minutes over a beat that sounds like Dave Brubeck produced if he grew up with Mike Will Made It. Fellow Atlanta native PacManADV has a smoky Jazz vibraphone with some junk in the trunk for the drums, setting the stage perfectly for J.I.D’s close up.

Spillage Village associate J.I.D states that “Reloaded” is “an autobiography of sorts. These are real life situations that really happened.” So while he strings flows together that most rappers would hurt themselves trying to imitate, you’re getting a piece of the grimmer side of life. It’s just the intro to what’s to come on his upcoming 11 track project Para Tu: Reloaded. And after he’s done with his time, he was so kind to leave you a couple minutes to get familiar with the layers of PacManADV’s work.

Applaud the man.

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EP Review: House of Cry is About to Change the World With Her Latest EP “Sincerely, Cry”

If the mesmerizing eyes of vocalist and musician, House of Cry, catch your attention, then her talent and five-octave vocal range will keep it. Yep, we’re talking Mariah numbers, vocally, and on top of playing the majority of the instruments you’ll hear on the varied seven-track EP, Sincerely Cry, her writing is surprisingly refreshing.   Once I began listening, I was completely fixed on it.

On the Salaam Remi assisted project, Cry falsettos about her uncertainty of womanhood on “How to Be” and demonstrates her prowess on the strings over her unwillingness to domesticate on “I Don’t Wanna”, declaring, “I Know that you want a family too/ but, baby I’m a rolling stone that’s why I can’t be with you.” Although, the Chicago artist isn’t afraid to speak frankly about sexuality on “Toes Curl” (reminiscent of Miss Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place”) or make nods to that inevitable Remi Hip-Hop influence with “URAENO”, it’s when she gets back to a more classic soul sound that her impressive vocal range breaks through. Don’t let the melodic vibes confuse you, she definitely has some gangsta to her; pay close attention and you’ll catch it.

“Mindful” is the standout of the EP, showing House of Cry conjuring the ranges of Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, while still maintaining her own unique vocal athleticism equipped with key changes, staccatos, belting and whistle ranges.  “Sorry” is that one record that will legitamitely have you sitting around in your feelings, due to the heart breaking poetics combined with such haunting cadence.  Requests for back-to-basics R&B singers have been at an all-time high, however all those soul singer powerhouses didn’t do much of their own writing—and the listening public demands bona-fide, original music!

Sincerely, Cry may just be the answer to this quandary. I give it a major co-sign, (which doesn’t happen too often from me) so I recomend you click the headphones above, definitely take a listen and give us your thoughts.

Dave East Borrows More Classic Production on His EastMix of “Air it Out” #HMN Coming Soon!

With his anticipated Hate Me Now mixtape coming sooner than later, Dave East hops on another Jadakiss classic, “Air it Out” and customarily spits notable sh*t on his rendition of the track.  At last weekend’s intimate, mini HMN listening party, East let us hear several cuts off the project and they were all impressive as expected.

Let’s just hope the game is fully prepared when this drops. I suggest emcees focus on their pens, delivery, as well as production, which categorically stands out on the upcoming project.  With several powerful features from very credible artists in the hip-hop and r&b genres, Hate Me Now will exhibit the growth and potential in the Harlem dweller’s career.

Click the headphones, light up, and listen.