Former Marlboro Mayor Gets 25 Years In Prison For Raping Relative’s Child, Started When She Was 6

MARLBORO —  A former mayor of Marlboro, New Jersey, has been sentenced to 25 years behind bars in a Delaware prison this past Friday, for raping a relative’s daughter, beginning when she was age 6 .

Matthew Scannapieco, 71, was arrested in August 2014 after the girl told her mother about the sexual abuse, authorities said.

Scannapieco was ordered to have no contact with the victim, her family and anyone under 18.

According to the Daily News, the molestations and rapes took place from 2005 to 2008.     Scannapieco who is also diabetic, pleaded guilty last month to second-degree rape, unlawful sexual contact and continuous sex abuse of a child.

As of late, nothing has been released in regards to how Scannapieco is related to the victim.

Scannapieco is no stranger to prison life. 

After serving as a Republican mayor of Marlboro, N.J., from 1992 to 2003, two years later, he pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from real estate developers and to defrauding the IRS, according to the Daily News.  He even acknowledged that he had accepted $245,000 in payoffs.

He served two years in prison, which started in 2008.  After his release, he moved to Delaware for “a fresh start,” said his attorney, T. Andrew Rosen, a senior assistant public defender in Delaware.

That fresh start was short-lived.





Four Florida Teens Murdered 17-Year-Old Boy With Machete, Had Sex Near Murder Scene

MIAMI, Fla.— Four teens hacked 17-year-old boy, Jose Amaya Guardado, and buried him in the woods and later, two of them, proceeded to have sex by his grave, according to authorities.

The teens, Desiray Strickland,18, Kaheem Arbelo, 20, Jonathan Lucas,18, and Christian Colon,19, planned the murder of Guardado for two weeks. An arrest report explained that the four teens even dug the grave and hid a machete beforehand in a wooded area near the Homestead Job Corps campus.

Pix11 reports:

The alleged murderers dug a hole for a grave in the woods, a few days before the murder, to bury the victim.  On June 28, the teens lured Guardado into the woods across from the Job Corps building in Homestead.  Using a machete that they had placed at the murder scene before hand, they started striking him while each of them watched, officials said.  Strickland “complained that she had missed the first series of machete strikes because she had walked away for a few minutes to urinate in the woods,” according to the arrest report. Guardado was ordered to lay in the grave, and after making one last attempt to fight off the attackers, Arbelo struck him many more times until his face caved in.  The disturbed teens pushed him into the grave and proceeded to bury him. They then burned the victim’s belongings, as well as their own clothes that were stained in blood. They also got rid of the machete and the shovel, police said.  After finishing, Strickland and Arbelo had sex until it was time to return to campus at the job corps.  The victim’s family reported him missing on June 28, and searched for him for three days before discovering a human body buried in the woods on July 1, police said.

An autopsy concluded that the body in fact, belonged to Guardado. According to NBC Miami, investigators believe the school bullies slaughtered Guardado over a debt he owed to his roommate, Arbelo, who is a suspected drug dealer on the Homestead campus.

All four teens confessed to the slaughter of the victim and were arrested to the crime. Strickland was arrested this past Wednesday; Arbelo, Lucas, and Colon were arrested last week, police said.  They are all being held without bond.

Charges are currently pending.


[Photo Credit: Miami Herald]


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Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies at 22

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, died Sunday at age 22.  Brown has been unresponsive in hospitals and hospice care for nearly five months after she was found unconscious in a bathtub at her Roswell, Georgia, home on Jan. 31, the family said.

Her family said she suffered irreversible brain damage.

“She is finally at peace in the arms of God,” her family said in a statement. “We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months.”

Bobbi Kristina has battled the same demons as her mother, and ironically, the tub mishap occurred just 11 days before the anniversary of Houston’s bathtub drowning on Feb.11, 2012.

This is a developing story.


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Ex-NFL Player’s Mistress Kidnaps And Kills His Wife Then Herself

The mistress of a former NFL player Buster Barnett allegedly kidnapped and killed his wife and then herself in Georgia on Thursday, July 16, according to authorities.

Clayton County police claim that Lisa Brown, of Lithonia, Georgia, kidnapped Sandra Barnett, of Ellenwood, Georgia, from her home Wednesday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Sandra was actually on the telephone with a friend when Lisa showed up at the front door,” Capt. Richard Gandee told 11 Alive.

According to US Weekly, the following day, Carroll County authorities located Brown’s Dodge Durango and began to chase her. The chase ended in eastern Alabama–where both women were found dead of gunshot wounds after Brown allegedly stopped the vehicle in the middle of the interstate and shot Barnett before killing herself.

Police also allege that Brown, 49, had purchased handcuffs before the abduction, according to 11 Alive.

According to People, Brown–who drove a car and lived in a home owned by Buster, 56,–allegedly became angered by the news that the married couple would be going on a trip, police told the AJC, and she confronted Buster on Wednesday before abducting his wife, Sandra, 58.

“She was upset about a trip that his wife was going on with him and it was one she didn’t know about,” Clayton County Police Officer Charlene Watson-Fraser told the AJC.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Brown’s first abduction: Brown was convicted in 2015 for kidnapping her daughter two years earlier, according to 11 Alive.

Buster played as a tight end for the Buffalo Bills from 1981 to 1984; Police say that Buster and Lisa had been having an affair for several years. According to the station ( 11 Alive) both women were school teachers.

With Sherley Boursiquot Attends “The True King Experience” Art Show At VolaVida Gallery

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King Amsterdam True King Experience 2.0

On Thursday July 2, Maurice and Lulu, owners of Vola Vida Gallery, hosted an art exhibition show in Manhattan, New York  (East Village). It is in a low key area, made up of glass exterior doors, so one can’t help but to see all of the cool art that’s inside.

The gallery is just about a month old; June 4th was the first opening, and the True King Experience is only its sophomore show. Vola Vida Gallery lies between an East Village Deli, followed by an apartment and a pizza shop called, “Johnny Favorites.” There were about 29 canvases displayed on the white walls, which was brilliant because the vibrant colors on the canvases automatically stood out even from afar.

One of the best part about this gallery is that, the art pieces change every two weeks, the unpredictability of the art pieces after two weeks, is what makes this gallery so unique.

“This is the only gallery in N.Y.C. dedicated to only street art,” says Lulu. “East Village and N.Y.C. has tons of artists. We are so lucky here,” she continued.

The atmosphere of Vola Vida was very cool and calm; Rapper Fabolous “Lituation” played in the background, and some old school Hip Hop songs, which I was told were coming from Maurice’s playlist.

The mastermind of the majority of these art pieces were created by stencil artist, King Amsterdam, who is pretty much aware of how talented he is but still chooses to remain humble.  He indicated within the last three months, he was able to finish all of those canvases that were showcased on the walls. Impressive.  Also, his friends were given the opportunity to have their own canvas posted on the walls as well.  Amsterdam said, depending on one’s talent he decides if he would give him or her a blank canvas, a black and white canvas, or a canvas with a creative background.  Even his friend’s 6-year-old son has a canvas posted on the wall, but his piece is not for sale.

Artist Nicholai Khan, also has a canvas on the wall, a mickey mouse drawing for $600. Khan has painted for many celebrities like comedian/actor Tracy Morgan and New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne.  But in most cases, these canvases would include a picture of a guy whose back is turned wearing a hoody with “K I N G”  imprinted on it and a pair of baggy jeans, pointing to something in front of him.

When it comes to art, Amsterdam feels that people should get it right away.  “I don’t like to explain sh*t to people,” he said.  However, he does want his artwork to cause a reaction from his viewers.

“Art pieces are supposed to make you feel something,” he said.

When asked which of his own art piece was his favorite, he pointed to a black and white 10×8  “Sega Genesis” canvas which was spray painted with acrylic, and is worth $250.  His other favorite, (which was also mine) was a piece titled, “Crash Test Dummy”  24×30 and it was done using spray paint, and it is worth $400. There’s also an art piece of American singer and actor, Frank Sinatra, 12 x16 worth $300 by Amsterdam and he did it with just spray paint as well.

How Amsterdam got his ideas when it comes to creating these beautiful art pieces, he says, “I only paint stuff that I have a connection to.”  Although, he paints everything, he claims he does not like painting people anymore.

“Every stencil artists paints people. I want to separate myself.”

According to Maurice, these canvases can range from as low as $200 and go as high to $1500.

“There’s a lot of talents in the city,” says Lulu. “People are paying attention.”

And they are, if American art dealer and curator, Jeffrey Deitch made his way up to Vola Vida last week Sunday.

Quite frankly, if you are someone who loves and appreciate street art or even graffiti, Vola Vida Gallery is the perfect place for you (240 East 4th Street). This is a place where street art is giving great recognition as opposed to the ugly and nasty stereotypes that they are often being tied too.

“Art is not cherished anymore.” says Amsterdam. “People have no culture. We live in a cultureless world.”


With Sherley Boursiquot

Watch Country Singer Carrie Underwood Performs Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again”

Country Singer Carrie Underwood performed at the Big Barrel Country Music Festival in Delaware last weekend, and decided to put her own twist on her 2012 hit single “See You Again.” Rather than singing the song, the former American Idol contestant remixed it with Wiz Khalifia’s “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth. Being that both songs have the same name, Underwood merged the two beautifully.

In the video above, Underwood starts by singing the chorus, followed by her rapping to the first verse of Khalifa’s hit song, which became the theme song for the blockbuster hit Furious 7.  Because Underwood did an amazing job, the crowd went berserk as the new mom started spitting the verse, totally on beat.

After the show, the 32-year-old tweeted to her fans, “Thanks to all who came out to the @BigBarrelFest! You were such an amazing crowd! I’m so happy there’s no way I’m gonna to [sic] sleep tonight!”


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DJ Stephanie Hirst Returns To Air After Gender Reassignment

Stephanie Hirst, formerly known as Simon, a DJ who underwent gender reassignment, is returning to mainstream radio after a year-long break

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Gov. Brown Signs Law To Have Mandatory Vaccines For Schoolchildren In California

Yesterday, (June 30) California officially became the largest state in the country to require schoolchildren to receive vaccinations— unless there is a perfect explanation that disables them to do so, such as medical reasons

Gov. Jerry Brown, a democrat, signed a bill that ended exemptions for all personal and/or religious reasons on Tuesday. He did so because these personal and religious reasons were the cause of the high rise of unvaccinated children in California. The new law was implemented after a heated debate in reaction to some parents who refused to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases like measles.  According to The New York Times, this year, California experienced an outbreak of measles, which originally began in Disneyland; However, the disease was spread in California due to the lack of children who had not been vaccinated.

“The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases,” Mr. Brown said in a statement. “While it is true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community.”

Other states, like West Virginia and Mississippi, have similar vaccination requirements, told the New York Times.

What will happen if parents still decide not to have their children vaccinated? Under the new law, families with a non-medical reason for declining vaccines will have to home-school their children, according to The New York Times. Fortunately, unvaccinated children who are currently in school will be allowed to remain, but eventually, they will be expected to show proof of vaccination once they enter kindergarten and seventh grade.



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Jarobi White Launches “Tribe Taco Tuesdays” In Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Gotta craving for some Tacos like carne asada, pork belly, chicken and cod? Mhmm, yummy right?!  Luckily for you, Jarobi has got you covered

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A Bow Tie Company Started By A 13-Year-Old Has $200,000 In Sales And 5 Employees


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