Watch Tory Lanez’s New Video for “B.L.O.W.”

Ladies love him like he’s on The Ellen Show.

The bass-heavy B.L.O.W. by Tory Lanez sent significant chills through my body when I heard it for the first time. Lanez has a way with words and a complex set of flows that are to be admired. It’s no wonder why he’s been called on by some of the industry’s best for writing tips and ghostwriting services — allegedly. Crediting the grim production to Play Picasso and Sergio R, this serves coming-of-age moment for the Toronto-native artist as it symbolizes the transition from newbie to expert.

B.L.O.W. comes as a pleasant surprise from the entertainer’s Fargo Fridays release series. Watch the official video for the “Say It” follow-up. Looking forward to the moment Lanez successfully crosses over. This song is an indication it’s going to happen soon.

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Tyga Goes to Church for “$candal” Video

Gardena, California-native Tyga takes the spiritual route for his new video for $candal, which was filmed in a cathedral during his time in Barcelona, Spain. $candal, the last record on his latest mixtape, addresses the public opinion of his relationship with famous girlfriend Kylie Jenner, et al. Based on what we’re witnessing, we might get a video for each record on Tyga’s new mixtape, Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout. In the meantime, here’s $candal:

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OVO Sound Radio Exclusive: PARTYNEXTDOOR Remixes “Blasé”

On Sunday afternoon during one of the biggest moments in music this year, Drake shared a snippet of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s take on Blasé, a song by Ty Dolla $ign featuring Rae Sremmurd and Future. The Mississauga singer’s version was aired live on OVO Sound Radio during the live stream of What a Time To Be Alive. Stream PND’s version below:

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Yelawolf Reveals the Name of His Third Studio Album

With two studio albums under his belt (Radioactive and Love Story) and one on the way, country boy Yelawolf shares the name of his third studio album in excitement. Nine hours ago, the Alabama-native rapper took to his Facebook fan page Trial By Fire to spread the news. Have a look at the original text from his post below:

It’s been a crazy week. So much energy around me at all times. I’ve found peace and quite for most of my life at grave yards .. My Maw Maw used to take me .. We would just walk around and read stones … I write a lot of records here .. Today I wrote a record for @leebrice and I here .. Called “Violin” … We’re supposed to be in the studio this evening .. Time to push all aside and get these ideas recorded .. Songs are like a passing speck of dust in the wind … If you don’t grab it and contain it .. It’ll be gone forever. With all my growth .. I can say returning to my roots has been the greatest blessing. Sharing that with what hip hop brought to my life … I’m forever grateful .. ” Trial By Fire ” will be the title for my next album … Sharing this with you all today … Right now …. Cause who knows really … But I’m mentally ready to begin the next album … And the journey starts today. @shadyrecords INTERSCOPE ‪#‎slumerican‬ @fefedobsonofficial @kleversworld @bonesowens @spidysmith @jdotjones @rosenberg

These days, Yelawolf is promoting “Till It’s Gone”, his new record that’s featured in this trailer. The trailer is for a film called “Black Mass”, which stars Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger. Watch the trailer:

Black Mass is in theaters now.

CreekWater is Yelawolf’s first solo independent album.

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Lil Mouse Disses Slim Jesus on “Kill Time”

Imagine being from a dangerous environment and an outsider mocks your lifestyle for popularity…

“This sh*t ain’t no game. This sh*t ain’t no joke. Don’t rap about it, if you don’t be around it. You gon’ f*ck around and get smoked…”

In a record less than two minutes long, Chicago’s own Lil Mouse attacks Slim Jesus for his inauthenticity and mockery of drillers and the tough yet glorified lifestyles of the youth living in the streets of Chicago. Since he released the official video for Drill Time video, the 19-year-old Hamilton, Ohio-native has garnered so much attention that he’s hard to ignore. To date, his video has collected over 7.2 million views. Hence, the stir its causing.

“That don’t mean you a drill rapper cause you got a thirty shot with a beam. These days n*ggas’ characters finna shoot a movie put them in a scene. You diss all the n*ggas from here. Real talk, they ain’t on sh*t. N*gga tryna get street credit. You real G’s catch them get the whole clip. I’m a show you how to drill time”.

In addition, The Game shared his thoughts about Slim Jesus during an interview with Complex, “He’s gonna get his ass smoked”.

Slim Jesus, take it as a warning. People are angry.

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Ty Dolla $ign Turns Up for “Blasé” Video with Rae Sremmurd

Riding around in style.

Ty Dolla $ign readies for his debut album Free TC with the release of his video for “Blasé”, a DJ Spinz-produced single featuring some of Atlanta’s most valuable players Rae Sremmurd & Future. Purposely set out to look like a pre-iPhone documentary, the direction is a low-fi picture that receives cameos from Tinashe and DeJ Loaf. Unfortunately, Future is not in the video but the intense live performance and party scenes compensate for the absence. Can we look forward to a remix with Thugger?

Free TC will be available on November 13. Get a head start, preorder it on iTunes.

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Tory Lanez Shares Official Video for “Say It”

Being dubbed Drake’s kid brother can only pave the way for more greatness.

Tory Lanez, the newcomer to some but known many, is a Toronto-native singer-songwriter and rapper who does all of the following effortlessly. On the stoop with friends, Lanez jokes until he sees an attractive girl that he refers to as “diamond”.

“If you decide to text me, then you decide to text me,” he says. Promptly, the song begins.

Love at first sight, Lanez flirts and courts his crush by day but by night, their newfound relationship takes a turn. In the fine and wise words of BBD (Bell Biv DeVoe), “Never trust a big butt and a smile.” Stay tuned for more music from his forthcoming 2016 release.

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Sevyn Streeter Remixes Tory Lanez’s “Say It”

Keeping it real will set you free.

Sevyn Streeter, who is currently under fellow singer Chris Brown’s CBE imprint, takes to Toronto’s own Tory Lanez’s “Say It” to put her spin on things. Not being low (or discrete) in the least bit about the situation, the “It Won’t Stop” singer challenges her male counterpart(s) to keep it “one hundred” about having multiple (namely four) women around. As you’ll hear in the song, Streeter is lied to about the amount of lovers he has.

Subsequently, Streeter requests more of his time to prove himself worthy of hers. Something that could be virtually impossible, if he’s pimping. Listen to Sevyn Streeter’s honest rendition of the record below:

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Tweet Returns with New Single, “Won’t Hurt Me”

Self-sufficiency seems to be a reoccurring theme with Tweet’s music.

Sounding like the day she entered the mainstream industry with debut album Southern Hummingbird in 2002, Tweet returns with a humbling, melodic and self-secure record about the end of a relationship. We can all admit breakups of any kind aren’t easy, but the guitar-backed number is bound to ease a broken heart in no time. It’s liberating and easy.

Once widely-known for her chart-topping lead single featuring the iconic Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott Oops (Oh My), the Rochester, New York-native singer-songwriter makes her way back onto today’s musical landscape with “Won’t Hurt Me”.

“Do whatever it is you wanna do,” she sings about Mr. Wrong. “It won’t hurt me.”

Stream the audio by way of the player below:

Stay tuned for more news about Tweet’s forthcoming album Charlene (her first name), slated for an early 2016 release.

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G Herbo’s New “L’s” Record Runs Deep

How would you live if God could guarantee your life was long?

Circumstances alter the outcome of life. G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb) reminisces about his hardened life, trials and tribulations. When he was 13, Herbert Wright was engrossed into academics, reading books and playing basketball. Three years later, adaptation occurred and at 16, he was kin to street pharmacists and he handled deadly weapons. The truth is being from “Terror Town” (or any ‘hood like it that lacks vital resources, lucrative and developmental opportunities, affordable mental therapy and extracurricular activities) isn’t the best environment to raise a child in, for the aforementioned reason.

However unlike most rappers, both of Herbo’s parents were at home. He shares that he was closer to his mom, but the relationship with his father was estranged because his life took a gloomy turn.

“Pops was cool but I was everything I wasn’t supposed to be / In the street, ditching school / Murder, drugs around me.”

Dwelling on the Eastside of Chicago wasn’t easy and the proof sits at the beginning of his second verse. Therefore, he found himself having to defend himself and do whatever it took to survive. Becoming numb and heartless as a result of the violence and countless murders of close friends and the alike, often he found himself in a never-ending cycle. With all perils, misfortune and losses in his life, the 19-year-old entertainer still finds the time and courage to show appreciation to his supporters, who ultimately helped to change his life again,

“Bunch of shootouts / Lucky that them bullets went around me / God was with me, jumped straight in that water / It ain’t drown me.”

“Love and live your life. Make it lavish long, and I can’t right my wrongs, so I just write my songs. How would I live if God guarantee my life was long? And when I sin, I pray that God don’t leave my life alone.”

Stream Herbo’s profundity, all-telling single “L’s” from his forthcoming project titled, “Ballin Like I’m Kobe”, which is set to release sometime this month. In addition, Herbo will join The Smoker’s Club Tour.

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