Future is Putting out his own Line of Hats

Wherever Future goes the Future Hive shall follow

This time, its for a new line of hats. The “Commas” rapper first showcased his cowboy hat while on the “Jungle Tour” with Drake. From then on, we can’t seem to spot Future Hendrix without it. Today he took to Instagram and made a small announcement that he’ll be releasing his own line of hats. Check out the Instagram post below and let us know if you too will be joining the Future Hive. From the looks of some of the comments, fans seem overall excited.

for the 1s who embrace individuality style, my hat line comin $oon…

A photo posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on Sep 14, 2015 at 1:41pm PDT

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Meek Mill doesn’t Listen to Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole’s Music

It ain’t for everybody *Jay-Z’s voice*

I’m almost positive I can speak for lot of people when I say it isn’t surprising that an artist like Meek Mill doesn’t listen to Kendrick or J. Cole. Meek stopped by Power 105 to discuss his new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, of course. While he was there he kept it all the way 100 with Angie Martinez giving listeners a peak into his personal taste in music.

“I don’t listen to J. Cole and I don’t listen to Kendrick,” he said. “I think that they’re dope lyricists and they’re like great rappers, but they don’t inspire me. It don’t seem like they be talking to me. That ain’t no hate at all.”

And if everyone made the same kind of music, what kind of world would this be? Rhetorical. Meek does listen to Dej Loaf,  Young Thug, and Jay-Z and said nobody really touches or inspires him right now except Future.


Kendrick Lamar Responds to Fox News Correspondent

When Kendrick Lamar shuts you down, he does it so effortlessly

In other news, Fox News is still at it. Their target this time, TDE’s Kendrick Lamar. King Kendrick opened up Sunday’s BET Awards with his song, “Alright” which he performed on top of a police car. Fox correspondent Geraldo Rivera had this to say about the performance,

“…this is why I say that hip hop has done more damage to young African-Americans than racism in recent years.”

Via TMZ Live today, Lamar reacted to Rivera’s comment ever-so matter-of-factly. No disrespect, simply Kendrick.

“This is our music. This is us expressing ourselves. Rather [than] going out here and doing the murders myself, I want to express myself in a positive light the same way other artists are doing. Not going out in the streets, go in the booth and talking about the situation and hoping these kids can find some type of influence on it in a positive manner. Coming from these streets and coming from these neighborhoods, we’re taking our talents and putting ’em inside the studio.”

Perhaps Rivera may want to take a look at Kendrick’s “Alright” video then reevaluate the “and we hate po po” lyric.

Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” will Reportedly Be In Stores Next Month

Because having a physical copy of this album would only solidify your Drake Obsession

It’s literally been a month and some change since Drake dropped a secret mixtape while we all were sleeping. The impact has been immeasureable and the numbers not only prove this but all if not most of the tracks off, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, can be heard in any and every club. And where there’s WOE’s, you can almost guarntee a turn up so real it’ll most likely end up on someone’s SnapChat.

According to HITS Daily Double, the album will hit stores on April 21st and is said to feature radio staple “How Bout Now” and a brand new track called “My Side.” We haven’t heard a confirmation from Drake or his camp as of yet but I’m sure we’re all crossing our fingers and toes on this one.

Watch Action Bronson Effortlessly Toss a fan off Stage


Action Bronson’s at it again Apparently Action Bronson has a thing for tossing fans off stage during his shows. Last night, Bronson was doing a record release show at Terminal 5 in NYC when a fan found his way on stage. From the first watch it’s almost as if Bronson effortlessly plucks the guy off the stage. But after a second, third and possible fourth watch of the hilarious clip, it almost seems as if the fan helps Bronson give him the DJ Jazzy Jeff  treatment. Watch the click above and if you’re ever at a Action Bronson show anytime soon…make your way on stage for the Bronson-Treatment, he aims to please.

A Man From Hong Kong Cooked…His Parents

If a triple life sentence even existed, 31-year-old Henry Chau would be serving just that

The Hong Kong man’s case began when his parent’s heads were found stuffed into two fridges. Authorities later discovered other remains in a garbage bin. But what’s even more frightening is Chau confessed the murder to a friend via text message after his parents went “missing.”

Kong called himself  a “psychopath” in the those messages, and said he was unable to “empathize with people’s pain because of my experience from childhood and adolescence.” Kong, who claimed his parents had traveled to mainland China when they first went missing, has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering his parents, dismembering them limb from limb, salting their limbs, and finally cooking them.

Absolutely, sick.


Watch Rae Sremmurd’s Video for “Throw Sum Mo” feat. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug

Rae Sremmurd delivers the visuals for “Throw Sum Mo”

We venture through the strip club for Rae Sremmurd’s “Throw Sum Mo” video featuring Nicki Minaj and Young Thug. The group’s SremmLife appeared at the top of 2015 already soaring off of two of their biggest hits, “No Flex Zone” and “No Type,” back in 2014. The group’s third single only makes sense as they continue to create turn up anthems. This time around, the strip club anthem snags Nicki Minaj and Young Thug for a star-powered collab. Check out the video; strippers,poles and roller skates. So far, 2015 is seemingly promising for the young rap duo.

Tyga and Kylie May Really Be a Thing

Tyga’s in love

In case their was any doubt in your mind or anyone elses for that matter, Tyga @kinggoldchains is very much in love…with Kylie Jenner, duh. For months rumors swarmed around the two. The media couldn’t seem to stop catching flicks of the two and spotting them nearly everywhere together. Tyga even went on the Breakfast Club back in February to cease all relationship rumors with him and 19-year-old Jenner. Hot 97 caught wind and the rapper finally stopped denying what was going on between the two instead saying him and Jenner’s relationship wasn’t anyone’s business.  On Friday, Tyga pretty much put it all out on front street. He took to  Instagram and posted a pic of Kylie, looking amazing as always but I digress. The caption: “certain things catch your eye, but only few capture the heart.” Well then, (sips tea). Check out the pic of Kylie here.


Michael Jordan Named One of the World’s Richest Billionaires by Forbes

So he didn’t make the top 10, but he’s on there so it counts.

Two isn’t a winner and three, nobody remembers, right? At least that’s what Nelly said. Well it’s Michael Jordan and even though he ranked #1,741 on Forbes list of richest Billionaires, it’s the NBA great’s first time making said list. He didn’t make the top 10 but he’s on the list and I’m sure anyone would be happy with such an accomplishment. Thanks to all you sneaker heads, Jordan fanatics or what have you, you’re most likely the cause of why Jordan made the list.

CNN Money reported that  the Jordan Brand reeled in a whopping estimated $2.5 billion last year which for Jordan, made his net worth $90 million. But that isn’t what quite tipped the scale. It was actually Jordan’s ownership of the Charlotte Hornets (roughly worth $700 million today)  that skyrocketed him to an estimated  net worth of $1 billion.

As if we didn’t already know and if you were the least bit interested to know who took the number 1 spot, Bill Gates  who’s worth an estimated 396,000,000 pairs of Jordans or $79.2 billion.


@__hennystraight is still running through the X with her woes… 



Ludacris Reveals ‘Ludaversal’ ArtWork

Ludacris reveals cover art for long-awaited Ludaversal album.

Not only has Ludacris been releasing weekly verses but he’s basically been teasing fans in preparation for his long-awaited project, Ludaversal. The project drops on March 31. The album art, Luda’s first ever car, a 1993 Acura Legend, parked in front of a private jet, explores parallels between where the rapper started and where he is now. And Luda made it clear that the Acura, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon:

“It says a lot about my personality, but I’m just a humble individual,” he said. “It’s one of those things that I will never get rid of.”

And you just have to respect that, check out the album art below.




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