Last Tuesday, Landmark Sunshine Theater gave fellow sneakerheads a documentary they have been wanting the longest for.

A crowd of no more than sixty people waited for the private screening of Sneakerheadz. A film spondored by Complex and directed by Academy Award nominated director David T. Friendly along with Mick Partidge. Sure,there has

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been many documentaries related to sneakers but not one quite like this.

The film focuses overall on every aspect of the culture that many of us are heavily  gravitated to. We hear the news about some heat dropping and then the race to get them but never really questioned why. What makes sneakers a must have essential for so many and who is responsible for mayhem?

It features some of the legends in the game such as DJ Clark Kent, Jeff Staple, Russ Bengston and many more. For those who assume their knowledge is one hundred percent correct about the sneaker culture you may want to think twice about that, especially a culture you didn’t create. From across the USA to Japan sneakerheads exist and they all have a special story to tell particular about that one kick in their closet that has probably never been worn. Wait to you watch the footage and take notes from these cats, they are seriously dropping knowledge about how this small artistic culture started from the streets and is now an incredible influence on todays society.

Sneakerheadz will be available at  Vimeo on Demand August 21 but you can pre-order it now for just $13.

Can you tell us what makes a sneakerhead, whats on your feet ?

– Aquil Small


The “Bordeaux” Air Jordan VII WILL Release In Almost Every Footlocker Across The Country

Attention Jordan heads we have good news

We all know how hectic it is to get a pair of Jordan’s. But this weekend will be very different for the fans. The Air Jordan Vll Bordeaux  are dropping this weekend and from what we were told they will be releasing in EVERY footlocker across the country. I cant begin to tell you that last time we had such great news for the sneaker community. There is a little bad news for our Jordan family in Vermont, the state will only have one store that will have them in stock. So if they’re is any chaos for these sneakers its more than likely that the chaotic feud will arise in Vermont, ha ha; lets hope not though. Be safe and cool, hope to see you with the heat on your feet in the street !

-Aquil Small

Nike Air Trainer Is Back With White/Premium

It’s summer time so you cant go wrong with a pair of all white sneakers.

The classic Air Trainer is one of Nikes best sneakers ever made and it’s finally back. This time the sports brand brings to us a shoe that is mostly white but has premium at the top. There is no argument that this has to be one of the freshest pair of kicks for the summer. You can purchase these for retail price for$ 100 USD at 

– Aquil Small





Italian fashion brand, LC23, has teamed up with Puma and well known boutique Backdoor.

The shoe itself is made in Italy and from the looks of the everything, it displays amazing craftsmanship. Decked with a blue-oxford cloth and a luxurious white leather, the midsole sparkles with a splash of a variety of colors. You can catch the hand sewn brand on the tongue.

Be sure to catch the LC23 x BACKDOOR x PUMA R698 on July 24th.
-Aquil Small

Nike Announces Uniform And Apparel Sponsorship For NBA

Nike has just announced its partnership with the NBA for uniform and apparel sponsorship. Nike published a press release just recently informing everyone on the news.

Adidas will no longer sponsor the NBA in apparel or uniform. Last time Nike worked with the NBA for official jerseys was back in 2004.

“This partnership with Nike represents a new paradigm in the structure of our global merchandising business,” says NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

This is very good news for those Nike fans. I’m pretty sure the work will be just as great or even better now they’re back with Nike. – Aquil Small @aquilsmall


Jacob Ferrato Makes His Own Air Jordan 1 Using Bape

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This creation is too damn dope.

Jordan and BAPE clothing are not working together, however Jacob Ferrato has made a slight twist to this. The custom designer announced that he’s working on a project that will feature both brands. Ferrato customs will take authentic Bape jackets and black denim with Air Jordans 1’s for reconstruction.

There will only be a total of 5 pairs worldwide including Jacobs as well and it will cost you $1,500. But there is a little catch to this,  each buyer will have to provide his or her Air Jordan 1. Head to Ferrato’s site because pre-orders are now available.

– Aquil Small @aquilsmall

Camper Sneakers Are Actually Hot


These kicks are just to dope.

Its not normal that shoes are purposely made ugly, right? Well, if you think so you are wrong. Camper has been in the game since 1975 and the Spanish brand still continues to greet us from overseas with artistic craftsmanship. There is no comparisons with any of their shoes, when spotted on someone’s foot you will surely know its a Camper shoe.

They wanted to take a risk with formal 1970s style and put a mix of their on flava. And apparently taking a risk went well with changes. The creativity has caught the eyes and attention of  Big Sean, Wale and Taylor Swift.  Camper has its own exhibition at London’s Design Museum known as “Life on Foot.” What a unique way to express the company because life is full of art and with these sneakers are a prime example of walking art.

“Its about giving designs carte blanche from the outset to create a story they feel will captivate customers, ” Due said. (head of exhibitions at London’s Museum) – Aquil Small @aquilsmall

The Jordan Brand Poster Pack Comes Spring 2016

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Attention fellow sneaker heads, we have good news

Next spring the Jordan brand will present to us a limited edition “Poster” pack that will feature two legendary and fan favored J‘s. The Air Jordan 2’s and 12’s. Covered in dark grey, black and white, these babies are ready to be rocked with next years gear. The “Wing it” edition from the AJ2 shows respect to the 1986 ad campaign, and even marks the campaigns slogan on the heel. On the back of one shoe is “Wing,” and the other features “it.”

This also captures the essence of Jordan’s game above the rim.

This was just a sneak peak of what’s expected for 2016, we’re sure there is more greatness to come.

– Aquil Small

Australia Butter Goods 2015 Winter LookBook

It looks like our friends on the other side of the world are ahead of us with the season. Australian street wear company Butter Goods gives us a glimpse of their 2015 Winter collection and from what is shown the street brand did an amazing job with the pieces. This collection consist of a variety of bucket hats, button up jackets, graphic tees, and hooded sweatshirts. The brand kept it safe but still offers a variety of different colors throughout their pieces. James Whineray and Garth Mariano shot the look book on film in Perth’s downtown.

You will be available to purchase Butter Goods winter collection April 25th at select stockist and available online April 29th.

– Aquil Small


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Fashion v.s. April Showers: Top Gear to Wear for Rainy Days

“April Showers bring May flowers” has to be the realest thing I have ever heard. This phrase is actually true because anyone who knows the weather here on the East coast can surely tell you how April weather is.  The sun shines brightly for ten minutes and next is a rain showers that destroys the fun for just simply ten minutes. But within those ten minutes your denim is soaked and the blue dye bleeds to your all white kicks. This is an excruciating pain that I can honestly say I have been through. But there is a cure for this, we have here the best waterproof gear that will fight against the brutal “April Shower.”  From Japanese brand Rain Man boots, to water resistance jeans these items will have you dry and looking your best. Don’t worry we know how to keep you looking 100 on the most rainiest days of the season.

-Aquil Small

ruwp8ue6zw2xtyk93uz6 Stutterheim Raincoats Beppe Buckethat, $135, available at

People Footwear Phillips, $60, available soon at peoplefootwear.comPeople Footwear Phillips, $60 available soon at

goy75esw8zcsffahhh3i Outlier Slim Dungarees, $198 available at


ef5bsio7whzijw9cucywNorse Projects Isak Nylan Rucksack, $195 available at

yao80ylhkudvtkcnwxgo Filson Mackinaw field watch, $625 available at

tmvh5k9u2pjojfoosuj7RainMan Dustin Boots, $310 available at