Alexander Wang x The Weeknd XO


Bonafide R&B superstar the Weeknd, surpassed even his own wildest visions in terms of the massive success he achieved wit his latest sonic effort.  2015 saw the metamorphosis of the Weekend into a chart topping and consistent radio entity subsequent to the release of the unique album Beauty Behind the Madness.  While crossing over into a household name has introduced a new fan demographic to the Toronto artist, the Weekend’s initial wave of cult followers and XO fanbase remain infatuated with the falsetto emanating artist.  It is now in Abel’s undisputed crowning as certified Gold recording artist that the XO brand stands brawnier than ever.  

Abel Makonnen Tesfaye, has collaborated with one of the most revered designers of today.  After appearing alongside a myriad of artists and celebrities as apart of Alexander Wang’s recent Do Something campaign, the Weeknd has worked with the famed label on a  distinctive set of branded clothing.  The high end outfitter took to Instagram to reveal a white XO logo juxtaposed on the signature Alexander Wang barcode design.  Details at this point are few and far between yet the social media posting invites us to stay tuned.  The Weeknd will be exclusively wearing the #WANGXO apparel collection along with the standard Alexander Wang clothing offering during the forthcoming “The Madness” Fall 2015 arena tour.            

Twitter: Jquinones001