Quick 10: Prized Boxer Lamont Peterson Steps In The Ring With Source To Talk About Upcoming Fight

The Source sat down with the former Junior Welterweight champion for a quick introspective conversation

As the media scrum awaits for the hometown hero and prized fighter Lamont Peterson, you’re instantly greeted by his trainers, up-and-coming young boxers following in his footsteps and most importantly, pictures of success that fill the gym and exemplify the overhaul of man hours he put in to get to be the fighter he is today. HeadBangers Gym is not just a destination for boxers to sharpen their skills and spar, but more importantly, it’s the gym that helped strengthened and mold the champion spirit in Lamont Peterson. 

Lamont Peterson represents his background of the inner streets of DC in the ring through his resilience, unwillingness to back down and humbleness with a dash of bravado and with his upcoming fight versus Felix Diaz, nobody is more focused on showing new tricks and proving doubters wrong than the vet. This Saturday, Lamont Peterson will step into the ring against Felix Diaz Jr. in a “Premier Boxing Champion” card at EagleBank Arena on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax,Virginia. The Source went ringside to sit down with the fighter prior to his sparring practice to see where he is mentally and his preparedness going into the fight. Check it out below


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Been a couple months since your last fight, what’s some things you’ve taken mentally that you will be implementing come fight night?

Lamont Peterson: Confidence and conditioning. I always train hard and for this particular fight, I trained very hard. I know I will be able to go in there and compete. I wish the fight could go 15-20 rounds. I can fight in any style in any pace and that is what I take from my last fight.

You mentioned about how confidence is a big factor going into this fight, are you using this fight as motivation after your Garcia fight?

This boxing game is always going to give me motivation. First of all, I love it so I’m going to always be at my best and I’m a prideful person so I’m always going to work hard no matter who it is. It could be against a big name or no name or even a roach we find in here [chuckles] I’m going to work hard. This game always motivates me because sometimes it feels like it pushes me out, but I want the fans to know I’m still here regardless if people don’t think I should be here. I been here for 11 years and I am still competing at the top level. There are fighters that came and gone and truth be told, I’m still improving and there still things you haven’t seen me do.

So speak more about working hard? Has your regimen changed from the Garcia fight to this one?

Slightly. I mean, it’s pretty much the same routines. You’re fighting a different fighter so the strategy changes a bit. I kind of concentrated on my leg strength in this camp because he’s a bit shorter than me and as far as leverage in boxing and any sport, the lower guy normally wins so I wanted to focus on that. So that won’t happen, if he tries to get low and get around, he will know that is not the good way to go. Also, I think I sparred a lot this camp. A bunch of fighters don’t like to spar, but I normally do 300-400 every training camp and this one I know I did close to 500. Some days we sparred non-stop 5 days a week in a row and most of the training camps I would get to those numbers in 3 days a week doing 18 to 20 rounds. For example this camp I did, 20 rounds, 16 rounds, 10 rounds twice back to back and I’m prepared so any way he (Felix Diaz) want’s to do this, I’m ready. 

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*Photos by Wallace Baron*

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