Woman Names Rick Ross in Lawsuit Claiming She Was Drugged & Raped During Grammy Weekend

Rick Ross has had his fair share of legal trouble recently, and unfortunately, you can add this recent allegation to the list.

According to a TMZ report, a woman that’s–for now–being referred to as Jane Doe has filed a lawsuit against Thaddeus “Black” James, an associate of Ross’, who she says took advantage of her by offering her a spiked drink, and sexually assaulting her in the back of Ross’ vehicle. It should be noted that the lawsuit does not implicate that Ross physically contributed to the alleged assault in any way, but Ms. Jane Doe feels that the “Sanctified” rapper is responsible because James was working for him at the time, and the vehicle was his.

Ross has since responded to the news of the lawsuit, which broke yesterday, and in a brief statement given to TMZ, Rozay had this to say.

It has been brought to my attention that serious allegations have been made against an independent contractor, who’s services I use often. And while I am not directly involved or implicated, as a man and a father, I take this very seriously. I don’t believe any woman’s safety should be compromised and she should never be forced to do anything outside of her will, regardless of the circumstances. While I personally have no knowledge of the specifics surrounding these allegations, it is my hope that this is rectified quickly and with sensitivity.

We’ll have more details on this developing story once they’re made available. Ross’ lawyers more than likely have their hands full, considering he’s already in the middle of dealing with a previous case, stemming from his arrest in June following an alleged assault on his groundskeeper.