Snoop Dogg Launches Stoner Lifestyle Media Platform

It’s about time Snoop Dogg invested into the marijuana industry.

The Hip Hop icon attended Tech Crunch Disrupt to discuss his new media platform “” which will serve for everything cannabis related.

“We’re providing the industry with something that’s void right now. We are the information hotline for cannabis. We are what’s missing”, Snoop said.

The site was co-found by Ted Chung and will collaborate with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Seth Rogen. Chung said:

There are few companies out there that have attempted to enter into the marketplace. Their download apps total and page views total are really numbers that we’re going to crush within the first six months. I think the interest level and the demand is there.

The interest level and demand is definitely there because you will definitely find in my browser’s history.

Merry Jane will go live next month and stay tuned for the first original web series Deflowered.

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