The NBA Has Officially Fined Phoenix Suns Markieff Morris For Publically Demanding A Trade

It was just a matter of time till the NBA caught wind of it

It’s no question Markieff Morris, one half of the “Morris Twins”, was not a happy camper considering that his twin brother and former Phoenix Suns teammate Marcus Morris was traded away to the Detroit Pistons to clear cap space in free agency wars for Tyson Chandler. Since the trade, Markieff has been very vocal about his disintrest in playing in Phoenix and has been demanding a trade from the organization. That said, it was only a matter of time till the NBA caught wind of him vocing his displeasure with the team.The league has officially fined Morris $10,000 for publicly demanding a trade and announced today that his fine is “detrimental to the NBA”.

With a $10,000 tab for Markieff to pick up from the NBA, it will be rather interesting to see if Markieff will continue to voice his mind or simmer down considering he was fined and all eyes are on him. Be on the lookout and stay locked to for more NBA news.

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