Download Scienze’s A Traveling Man. 4 for the Next 12 Hours

Having a tough day at work? Need something to unwind to on the commute home? We have the perfect audio travel companion today. Brooklyn emcee Scienze released the fourth installment of his A Traveling Man series today and it clocks in at seven tracks of smooth goodness. It seems like he doesn’t even know how he continually puts out music that the Dalai Lama would probably meditating to, other than “that’s where I’m at now.” The series started in February as a surprise project and he’s continued to keep the rules the same: no heads up, make the project available for 24 hours, and please the people. The EP dropped at midnight last night on, so it’ll be gone at midnight tonight. Scrounge up $5 and make your trip home later that much better.

Bryan Hahn skipped his second and third dessert today for this EP. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).


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