Check out part 2 of Off The Wall’s feature of one of Bushwick’s last authentic writers, ZEXOR WTO

In honor of graf legend ASP, The presents the continued exclusive interview with his son ZEXOR, second generation writer of the WTO crew…

“The way the people that are not from the Bushwick community act towards the natives is crazy. I’m like the last of the natives and when it comes to the Bushwick graffiti writers I’m like the last Bushwick native. Before me, it was my pops, NOX, SKUF, SPOT, ECTO, ROC, the whole U5…it can go on and on and on, but there is no one after me.” Who else has been teaming up with you in your battles with these so-called street artists?

ZEXOR WTO: No one really teams up with me. I do it on my own. I like to bear that by myself. I’m like the black sheep, so I’d rather fight it by myself. Usually that’s what happens with all my shit. Even if I’m fighting 30 people, I’d rather do it by myself. So tell us about you fighting the State in your two felony cases.

ZEXOR WTO: I just beat one. I still got a case in the Bronx and a case in Manhattan. That case in Manhattan might get dropped and that Bronx case most likely definitely gonna get dropped, but I still do my thing through this whole time. It’s real crazy, man. This whole felony shit for graffiti is retarded. What were you charged with?

ZEXOR WTO: They charged me with felony making graffiti, criminal mischief and possession of graffiti making materials. On what grounds did they throw the charges out?

ZEXOR WTO: They said they had me on camera, but they really don’t. It’s all alleged. As far me though, no one is ever going to take me down. No one has enough evidence of who I am. Tell us more about your technique; where and how you go on your missions.

ZEXOR WTO: I’m sporadic. I can do it daytime or night time. I can do it Tuesdays or Thursdays, which is the hottest days to some people.
I like to paint by myself. Painting with other people doesn’t really do too well for me. As of lately, I’ve been doing a lot of daytime bombing. I’ve lived all throughout the city. I’ve lived in Bushwick, the Bronx, Queens…I live on the end of Queens. So, I would have to take the whole line back and forth, so I take walks. My son lives in Fort Greene, so there’s been times I’ve walked from Flushing, Queens all the way to Fort Greene with mad meanstreaks on me and I’ll just bang out mad tags. Same thing with cans. I’ll have cans on my back and I’ll leave at midnight. I’ll walk to Fort Greene and I’ll make it there by 8 o’clock in the morning. I don’t advise anyone to go pick up their son after bombing all night, but that’s like how my missions go. I’m going to make it to my son regardless.

Stay tuned until next week for the final chapter of the ZEXOR WTO interview!


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