The Things We Learn in Sports This Week May 30-June 5

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers for the NBA title. The table is set for an epic challenge. The winner of the these Finals will affect NBA for years to come in two different ways. If Lebron is able to win against a team that was able to win 67 games in his first season with the Cavs, he will start the conversation for him being the greatest player in the history of the game. The east is set up for him to dominate for the next 3-5 years, so getting to the finals and perhaps winning it will be there for years to come. If Golden State is able to win the title it will kill the theory that jump shooting teams can not win. Golden State could be the first team to win the NBA title with their offense being based around the three- point line. It will be a series that will change life in the NBA for years to come.


3. Caitlyn Jenner wins her first award

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner will receive the Arthur Ashe Award at the ESPY this year. The news of Jenner winning the award has brought some criticism towards ESPN for following a trend. Lauren Hill, the basketball player who fought brain cancer till her dying day, has been the main candidate to replace Jenner. The ESPY’s will premiere on July 15 from Los Angeles, CA.


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