Check Out A Rare Pair Of Adidas Yeezy Boost Signed By Kanye Himself on eBay

Who’s going to be the lucky person to get a hand on these signed Yeezy Boost! 


On Ebay, where you can find some of the rarest items here we have a pair of adidas Yeezy Boost signed by Mr. Yeezy himself at a starting bid of $10,000 and a buy it now price of $25,000. This very unique pair of Yeezy’s comes with some artwork and Kanye’s signature on both pairs, dope right? If you are a size 10 you have a very lucky chance to get your hand on these babies before they are gone. The artwork that was drawn by Kanye features a ski mask on each pair, wonder where that idea came from? Anyways, the listing also features 2 videos of Kanye signing the shoes. Check out more images of the Signed Yeezy Boost in the gallery below.


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