Consequence Discusses Early Days With John Legend

Rapper consequence hit up VladTV to talk his sh*t.  

Consequence stopped by VladTV to talk a bit about his earlier days with Kanye West and John Legend. He talked a bit on their friendship, John Legend’s success, and his ability to uncover talent. He says he was the first person on the East Coast to work with Kendrick Lamar, and was also working with Mac Miller long before anyone else.

He goes a bit into issues that John Legend faced earlier in his career, but how he was able to overcome those things to be the star he is today. Also, Cons touches on how ‘Ordinary People’ was such a life changing record for John Legend.

Finally, he touches a bit on how big of a deal it was that Common and John Legend won an Oscar with their collaboration on ‘Glory’. He says for music with that much soul, with that kind of positive message, to be getting that kind of recognition is huge. Watch and let us know if you agree.


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