Tony Romo Promised a Cowboys Super Bowl Victory if Duke Won the National Championship

If you haven’t realized that lately Tony Romo has become the Duke Blue Devils’ biggest fan. Although he didn’t attend the school himself, he and some of his fellow teammates and coaches have embraced Duke basketball culture.

Tony has appeared in several games over the past few seasons, and used their campus to have workout sessions. This isn’t news, considering other QBs such as Eli and Peyton Manning have worked out with Duke’s Head football coach, David Cutcliffe. What makes this a little different is that none of those quarterbacks have tried to trade a Super Bowl for a National Championship. Jahlil Okafor had posted on his Instagram earlier in the season that he had made a deal with Tony Romo: if Duke wins the National Championship, the Cowboys have to win Superbowl 50. Great.

Duke went on to defeat the Wisconsin Badgers last night, by a final score of 68-63. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if Tony Romo didn’t only have 2 playoffs wins in his career, and has never even been to the title game in his conference. But hey, Tony seems to do well under pressure right?

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