The Hot 97 Morning Show Crew Had Fun With The Jay Z Purchase Rumors This Morning

Ebro, Rosenberg & Laura Stylez are unofficially Hov 97 in funny clip

This all apparently began with Jay Z‘s release of his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, through a Samsung app in 2013. In two separate rants last week, legendary DJ Funkmaster Flex alleged that Jay stole that idea from him after a freelance writer from Life + Times, Jay Z’s website, interviewed Flex about his app, but left out details of the app’s conception in the published version of the interview. Flex began with trashing the Life + Times site, then took it a step further and went straight for Jay Z, telling a story about an altercation that nearly happened in Atlantic City, and calling him out for banning Dipest music from his 40/40 clubs, something that apparently doesn’t sit well with Flex, who is currently engineering what seems like the third Dipset reunion in as many years.

Jay Z has yet to directly to respond to Flex, but popular gossip site Media Takeout published a story yesterday claiming that their sources confirmed that Jay Z, along with a team of investors, was looking into the possibility of buying the station from Emmis Communications.

Ebro Darden–former hot 97 program director–and his morning show cohorts, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, cleverly played into the rumors on Ebro In The AM this morning. They played consecutive Jay Z records as they playfully renamed the station HOV 97 and imagined what life would be like with Mr. Carter as their boss. Shortly after the brief troll session, Rosenberg and Darden got into the nitty gritty details of just how many millions Jay Z would have to come off of to not only meet the on-paper value of Hot 97 and its digital assets, but to also convince Emmis Communications founder Jeffrey Smulyan to permanently leave the radio game. Ebro believes that could run Jay Z anywhere from roughly $250 million to $500 million, depending on how married to radio Smulyan still is. He appears to be in a happy relationship with it, considering there aren’t even rumor reports indicating that he’s looking for a divorce. Watch the clip above.