Kendrick Lamar Talks Macklemore, New Music In New Interview

Kendrick opens up while he’s in NY

Kendrick Lamar‘s kept busy during the recording process of his yet-to-be-named sophomore album, including performing at LeBron James‘ first home game as a born again Cleveland Cavalier, doing commercials commemorating “i” becoming the NBA’s theme song, and prepping for a November 15th appearance on Saturday Night Live. In the midst of all that, K. Dot stopped into the Hot 97 studios and chatted with Ebro and Peter Rosenberg–who Lupe Fiasco previously accused of being a Kendrick Lamar nut-hugger–about everything from his feel good single “i”–which Kendrick says he made for inmates and the troubled people he interacts with at his shows–to Macklemore, a touchy topic for Kendrick. Still, he revealed what everyone’s thought all along. “I thought it was uncalled for,” says the Compton native on the infamous text messages Macklemore posted to Instagram after Kendrick went 0-for-7 at this year’s Grammy Awards.

You can watch the interview in full above, and towards the end of the conversation, when Kendrick begins detailing what he feels his purpose in the rap game is, you can’t help but get excited for December, or whenever he plans on releasing his sophomore effort.