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Watch: Tony E’s “Let You Go”

All great works of art speak to the viewer on a personal level.  It gives the audience something they can relate to at a certain degree.  And that is exactly what Tony E. decided to do with his latest release, “Let You Go.”  The Beacon, NY native pulls from personal experience as he paints the picture of post-breakup emotions from a male perspective, a subject rarely expounded on in modern music, especially in a machismo driven genre such as rap.  Shot through the lens of director Exhibition Z, the visual is a far cry from the cookie cutter videos currently circulating the web.

Already making waves musically in the Hudson Valley area north of Manhattan, opening up for rap luminaries such as Ghostface KillahMac Miller, and more, Tony E looks to bring a different perspective to New York’s congested rap scene.  After competing in Hot 97’s “Who’s Next,” leading to an impromptu on-air interview with Peter Rosenberg, he prefers to let his artistic merit do the talking.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.


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