The Woman Who Left Her Baby Stroller On A Train Platform Cursed Out Jay Z In Court

*Beyonce side-eyes*
Photo: William C. Lopez

Frankea Dabbs did the unthinkable earlier this week, and she lashed out at someone pretty darn famous during her time in court. On Monday, the homeless woman was arrested after abandoning her baby on a 1 train platform in New York City, and yesterday she was in court being arraigned on child abandonment charges when she took the opportunity to speak her mind on a certain Jay Z into a live, rolling camera.

Tell Shawn Corey Carter I said f**k him. Piece of sh*t.

Awkward, right? There is no public evidence that the two know each other, it’s pretty interesting that she uttered that with such conviction–middle name to boot. Of course, there’s no comment or statement from The Carter Administration, but something tells me this won’t be the last development from this story…

Khari is secretly hoping there’s some actual history between this woman and Jay Z that will prompt Hov to say some real gully sh*t to this lady. Follow him on Twitter in the meantime