Rick Ross Detorit No Fly ZOne Concert Incident

Rick Ross Addresses Detroit Summer Jam Incident



An incident went down on Sunday in Detroit at Chene Park, the location of Hot 107.5’s Summer Jam, that forced Rick Ross to cancel his performance at the annual hip-hop concert.

Conflicting reports indicate that Rick Ross was everything from mobbed on by over 100 people to peacefully blocked from entering the venue, and while the latter explanation is the most plausible and practical, given the circumstances, many are crediting local raper Trick Trick‘s “No Fly Zone” record–which is meant to dissuade the city from allowing rappers who don’t collaborate with local Detroit acts from entering the city–as the reason Ross didn’t touch Detroit’s Summer Jam stage.

Earlier today, Rick Ross took to Miami’s 99 Jamz to talk briefly about the situation that has rumors flying across the internet, specifically Twitter. One of the more prevalent statements from Ross’ interview:

My team is always in front of me, but just to make it clear, I never made it to the venue. I never made it to the venue. Me and whoever this gentleman is, we never crossed paths. He never spoke with Rozay. And I expect him to clarify that. I expect him to tell y’all that, ‘we never spoke to Rozay’, or, ‘we never spoke to MMG’, but, anyway.

Ross then went on to paint a picture of the actual events of Sunday evening, most of which, according to Ross, are details that were told to him because he never made it to the venue.

The caravan had went to the venue, and you know. They get there, and someone has locked the gates to the venue. Padlocked, or however they did it. The gates were locked, there were gentlemen that were supposed to be there dealing with the police. My team didn’t even know that there was a problem.

You can watch the full interview below, including a scintillating jungle/lion’s den analogy from Rozay around the 3:20 mark.