Travie McCoy & DJ Kalkutta

dj whoo kid

Travie McCoy sat in with the phenom DJ Kalkutta to discuss the different metaphors that a cookie could mean, Moombahton, bogus lawsuits, and unpopular theories on the birth of The Dream aka Terius Nash. It sounds like Travie has some Pharrell records locked in that could possibly end up on his next album. DJ Kalkutta speaks on how the Trap bubble might pop and the origins of her name.

It seems like Kalkutta stole the show with a major kiss and tell story with a younger Bruno Mars and then how she judges Prince’s height based on both of their heels.

Too bad no one knew the proper history of Pharrell’s hat…(cough) Vivienne Westwood (cough).

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)


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